Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Professor Griff on Jay Z and P Diddy

Rap Stars Who Sold Out to the Illuminati

A lot of well known rappers have sold out to the Illuminati and the New World Order. A lot of them are Masons if you look real close you can see Illuminati and new world order symbols in their videos.

In an interview, Professor Griff of Public Enemy explains that Jay Z and Puffy (Diddy), and also 50 Cent, have sold out to the globalists for wealth and fame like lapdogs. They endorse President Obama, for example, he says. Griff himself is endorsing Cynthia McKinney because she will put the issues on the table. If you believe in the voting process at all. The Elite needed black spokesmen and women who would agree to endorse Obama to promote their secret agenda.

“You know, you did a good day’s work and the master strokes him and sends him back on to the damned doghouse.”

Griff says he doesn’t think any of those stars have political awareness at all.

“If it doesn’t benefit them financially...they’re not really politically astute to the point where they can be very honest and open and candid with us as black men and black women to say, ‘OK, tell us what you really think. The camera is not on now. You’re not in the studio. You’re not on the stage. Tell us what you really think. And if what you really think doesn’t go hand-in-hand with what you’re telling the people that love, honour and respect you and buy and support you then what’s really your agenda? You know what I’m saying? Jay Z already knows the handshakes. He’s already taken the oath. You’ve already let P. Diddy in. You don’t get to the £20 million club without getting these people’s stamp of approval. You understand what I’m saying?”

DMX The Industry

“But, Puffy had to vote or die which is absolutely stupid and ridiculous and idiotic. For a nigger to be given that kind of ultimatum, ‘you either vote or die.’ Jay Z openly supports Barack Obama. 50 Cent openly supports Hillary Clinton.”

But he has now changed his position to Obama – a smart move “because now you have to appear to be politically astute.” They have to be so they can be called upon by their white handlers, he says.

“See, Puffy tried to appear neutral. Vote or die. Galvanising all the young energy, that demographic between 18 and 35. Demographic. Get them out to vote. Get them registered. Come to find out that all those names go into a database for the selective service draft. And this they’re not telling us.”

No one is educating them about what happens in the electoral process. Just ‘come and vote.’

“Are we going to follow someone blindly because they look like us? Or are we going to dig into the agenda and see what we’re actually going to be getting at the end of the day?”

Cynthia McKinney (Green party) has proven herself worthy of support, he says (questions about 9/11 etc). She’s dealing with the issues but most people dive into the ‘change’ but don’t want to deal with the issues. They have a false sense of gratification that, because a black man is in office, everything is going to be alright. Professor Griff believes that they were deceived, fooled and tricked by Clinton. They were led to believe that he was cool, like a black man. He played saxophone, smoked some weed and got head.

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