Matriarchy and Patriarchy have both failed to serve our best interests. Yeah it’s good to remind ourselves that the former is not the solution either. I had already dealt with that topic when I wrote the first part way back in 2000 or 2001. It simply posed the question, OK, so Patriarchy has fucked this world up, what next and is there any hope for man or promise yet to be realised? And that question forms the basis for the remainder of my work. But I found this ‘ex-Satanist’ guy on YouTube last week, just when I was about to read and edit my essay prior to posting and he seemed like the perfect example of man as aggressive intellectual who condemns the subtle nuances of wisdom and consciousness and projects his own limitations onto those who embrace the feminine whole. Accusing ‘New Agers’ of falling prey to an ‘evil and dangerous ideology.’ Hmmm…Satanists against the restoration of full consciousness! Riight! Hahaha.

…or throw the baby out with the bathwater?

‘Save the Male from Suppression by…the enemies of Patriarchy of course!’

‘Save the Male asks the question, ‘What next?’ Will Patriarchy and the male ego continue to try and keep humanity in the Dark Ages, inflicting their will and limited understanding (as well as abundant bullshit) on the world and eventually burn it to a cinder? Or is there hope for man? Something yet to be revealed, a higher level of potential within men that may yet serve to ‘save’ humankind? Or are the enlightened troupe of western Women changing the world, as observed by the Dalai Lama, and, in the process of restoring a higher love and wisdom, saving the male? In conjunction, of course, with those men who also happen to be spiritually mature as well as the attention and input of Gaia and our intergalactic family of Light. For, ‘Save the Male’ alludes to a world in which the majority of men pose a threat to all life on earth and generally obstruct and oppose the ascent of human consciousness.

It is important to note that we have entered a new cycle towards the Divine Feminine. This is a long cycle, I assume. The Return of the Goddess is naturally receiving a positive response from women. They can feel it. As can the feminine aspect in all of us. However, this restoration of wholeness initially elevates the male-oriented world to a level of universal awareness and unity which are masculine characteristics associated with the sign Aquarius and the element Air. It is the elevation of the individual’s consciousness that produces true unity and equality. As the individual becomes more conscious, we are able to rejoin the universal community and wake up collectively and return to the higher realms which may be considered to be characterised by the fifth element of Spirit.

Male and female inner balance 

 Attaining divine masculine through divine feminine

Hormonal Fluctuations in Men and Women Due to Rapid Energy Shifts and the Menstrual Cycle

"The Devic kingdom is aglow with high vibrations that enhance all other life on the planet. It is the cetaceans, not humans, whose vibrations are the highest in the animal kingdom - as a species, the whales and dolphins are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved souls in your world, and they anchor light beamed to Earth from far distant sources." - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 26 May 2009,

Thirteen whales die with stomachs filled with plastic

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