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Number One Hypocrite

Dystopia, 2008

This has been built for you and me
Maniacal annihilation machine
Using fear to keep you in control
"Every one else is the terrorist"
That's what you've been sold

And you buy it?
Yes you fucking do
You buy everything in site
You eat everything they are feeding you
You buy a piece of poisoned happiness
And suckle system's boob
Your freedoms nothing more than a lie
And America is killing you

Seems like we aid in every war
And we're friends with whom we abhor
Always at the expense of the poor
If it were the rich
There would be no more war

Rape and conquest feed your kids
Gets you "things" things you equate with freedom
If you want an SUV, we'll have to kill some children
And you don't fucking care
As long as you are not impaired
Giving money to the system
To enlist the poor and kill them
It's the American way.
And you're a fucking slave
And the simple fact is this:
You're the fucking terrorist

And I'm trained like you
Dumbed down through church and school
In the end it's just my luck
I'm a product of where my parents fucked

I'm american because my parents fucked! (In America)
(I'm not American)

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Scientific Psychiatry & Big Pharma

William Bramley Excerpts from The Gods of Eden, p.354-363

One of the earliest centres of ‘scientific psychiatry’ was Leipzig, Germany. There a man named Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) established the world’s first psychological laboratory in 1879. Until that time, universities usually placed the study of psychology in their philosophy departments because of a lingering belief that there exists a spiritual side to man. It was Wundt’s contention, however, that psychology belonged in a biological laboratory. To Wundt, human beings were only biological organisms to which there were no spiritual realities attached. He therefore considered his approach ‘scientific’ rather than philosophical.

Wundt’s theory about the mind was that human thought is caused by external stimulation bringing about bodily identification with other stimuli which the body had received and recorded in the past. When this identification occurs, the body, or brain, mechanically creates an act of ‘will’ which responds to the new stimulus. There is no such thing as self-created thought or free will. To Wundt and his followers, man was but a sophisticated robot-type organism.

Wundt’s ideas were based upon experiments conducted in his laboratories and elsewhere. Some of those experiments revealed that one could produce the physiological manifestations of different emotions by applying electronic stimulation to different parts of the brain. Experimenters erroneously concluded that the brain must therefore be the source of personality because it triggers the physical manifestations of emotion and thought. The fallacy in this is applying external stimulation. In other words, the brain centres are not self-triggering except in a very limited sense. The experiments proved that it takes something else, something external, to trigger those brain centres. What, then, triggers those centres when the experimenter is no longer applying his electrodes? There must be another external source – a missing element. That missing element appears to be the spiritual entity which produces its own energy output. Although Wundt and others used the experiments to ‘prove’ a pure biological basis to human thought, the results were, in fact, subtly pointing in the opposite direction.

Erroneous or not, the stimulus-response model of behaviour developed at Leipzig quickly became the ‘new wave’ in psychiatry and received considerable support from the influential figure in scientific psychiatry for 40 years. The Leipzig labs attracted many students from around the world, many of whom later became prominent names in psychiatry...

By redefining the nature of thought and behaviour, scientific psychiatry also redefined the nature of mental abnormality and its cure. Methods to bypass human free will and intellect (behaviour modification) were explored and developed. Because human beings were viewed as strictly biological-chemical-electrical organisms, all mental illnesses were said to be the result of physiological processes somehow going ‘out of kilter.’ Experimenters theorised that mental illness could be cured by strictly physiological means, such as with drugs, shock treatment or brain surgery. It was believed that such treatments could remedy the chemical or electrical ‘imbalances’ and thereby cure the mental illness itself.

Out of these theories arose a multibillion dollar drug industry which pours out huge quantities of mood-altering drugs every year. These drugs are designed to relieve every mental ill from ‘can’t get to sleep at night’ to violent psychosis. In addition, many psychiatrists use special machines to send electrical shocks through a person’s brain. Some may even resort to brain surgery. Now that we have had almost half a century to observe these cures in action, we can ask: have they benefited mankind? Is the world a saner place today than it was 50 years ago? To answer these questions, we might do well to analyse the cure most often prescribed by psychiatrists:  psychotropic (mind-affecting’) drugs.

Psychotropic drugs are a mammoth industry. They comprise a large portion of the total prescription drug trade which in 1978 amounted to an estimated $16.7 billion wholesale value in global sales by U.S. manufacturers alone. This figure does not even include sales by Swiss and other European manufacturers...

This epidemic drug use is not an accident. Powerful psychotropic medications are energetically promoted to the medical community in glossy Madison Avenue advertisements in such publications as the American Journal of Psychiatry an through workshops and seminars sponsored by the drug companies.

Justified criticism has been levelled against drug-oriented psychiatry because of the number of patients who actually deteriorate as a result of their psychiatric treatment. For example, a surprisingly large number of people who commit apparently senseless acts of violence, such as shooting sprees and other grisly headline-grabbing acts, are people who were previously treated with psychotropic drugs. John Hinckley, Jr., for example, was under the influence of Valium when he attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Such coincidences are usually explained as an indication that those people were already mentally deranged before the violent episodes and, at worst, the drugs were simply not able to help them. On the other hand, critics point out that such individuals were often not violent before their treatment, but became violent only afterwards. Did psychiatric treatments actually worsen their mental states to the point of their going completely psychotic?




Thorazine, which is promoted as a medication for handling psychotic adults and children, belongs to a class of drug which has been known to cause the following:

...psychotic symptoms, catatonic-like states, cerebral edema [excess brain fluid], convulsive seizures, abnormality of the cerebrospinal fluid proteins...NOTE: Sudden death in patients taking phenothiazines [the drug classification to which Thorazine belongs] (apparently due to cardiac arrest or asphyxia due to failure of cough reflex) has been reported but no causal relationship has been established.

The last sentence in the above quote is a remarkable bit of doublespeak. It states that giving someone this class of drug has coincided with their suddenly dying, but the manufacturer denies that there is any evidence that the drugs were responsible for the deaths! No doubt it was just an extraordinary coincidence that some people have had cardiac arrests or cough reflect failures at the time of taking the drug. Fate must indeed work in mysterious ways...

The implications of this are significant. These drugs [also Surmontil, Haldol, Stelazine and Norpramin] have been known to sometimes seriously worsen a person’s mental state or cause mental problems far more severe than those the patient began with!


It  is argued that the number of people who are helped by the drugs far exceed those who are worsened. Advocates cite statistics showing that drugs enable many patients to leave psychiatric institutions sooner and return to the community. Psychotropic drugs seem to enable some people to keep their psychological symptoms under control enough for them to lead useful lives in society. The question is: at what cost are these apparent benefits being obtained?


Psychiatry boasts a low ‘cure’ rate, but a high ‘maintenance’ rate. As long as factories churn out pills, drug ‘maintenance’ can continue.


“If psychotropics are slamming thousands of people every year into a deeper psychological morass because of dangerous side effects, we can see that drug-oriented psychiatry risks pushing a society to ruin; yet psychotropics constitute the main form of therapy in most psychiatric institutions today.


The epidemic use of psychotropic drugs creates yet another significant problem. Drug abuse is considered one of today’s major social ills. Drug abuse is considered one of today’s major social ills. Law enforcement agencies spend an enormous amount of time and money to combat it. The fight against drug abuse is based on the philosophy that people should not take illegal drugs to alter their moods or mental states. Modern psychiatry defeats this campaign. Drug-oriented psychiatry tells us: Feeling depressed? Take a drug. Feeling too happy (manic)? Take a drug. Feeling unable to cope? Take a drug. Feeling too able to cope (megalomaniacal)? Take a drug. Feeling confused and uncertain? Take a drug. Feeling too certain (delusional)? Take a drug. Can’t sleep? Take a drug. Too sleepy? Take a drug. Seeing things that aren’t there (hallucinations)? Take a drug. Not seeing things that are there? Take a drug. Maintenance-oriented psychiatry promotes the very attitude upon which the illegal drug trade flourishes: want to feel better mentally and emotionally? Take a drug. The great irony is that some of the very same ‘conservative law and order’ judges and lawmakers who demand stiffer penalties against illegal drug pushers are among those who are quickest to set up the legal machinery for committing people involuntarily to mental institutions where drugs as powerful as anything on the illegal market are routinely and openly used...


Have philosophies of strict materialism brought about a flourishing psychiatric profession which is bringing about greater sanity to patients, practitioners and the world as a whole? Sadly, the answer seems to be no. Psychiatry started on the right track when it discovered that the mind could be cured of its inorganic ills by confronting past hidden traumas, but it failed to develop that discovery beyond the crude and haphazard techniques used today in psychotherapy. Psychiatry was derailed when it began to mask mental problems for bypassing individual free will in favour of stimulus-response manipulation (behaviour modification). It is perhaps time to move away from the strict materialist perspective, to get off the drugs and to begin restoring a sense of respect for the free will and intellect of human beings. We may then be able to truly start back on the road to genuine mental, social and spiritual recovery for the human race.

HarperCollins, New York, U.S., 1989.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Know Your Product

Australian punk band The Saints

From the album Eternally Yours, 1978


All right
Sing it up, west coast
Too much!)

I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air
Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel all right!"
"Got some great new brand of smokes, cool your head and clear your throat
"Keeps you young, yeah, so in touch."

Cheap advertising, you're lying
Never gonna get me what I want
I said, smooth talking, brain washing
Ain't never gonna get me what I need

"Our new soap that's peachy keen saves your soul and keeps you clean
"It's recommended, used by the Queen
"Gonna improve your IQ, help in everything you do
"It's economic, don't cost too much."

Said advertising, you're lying
Never gonna give me what I want
I said, smooth talking, brain washing
Ain't never gonna get me what I need

(I said take it
Come on
Soul man
Let's shoot the professor!

I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air
Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel all right!"
"It's a great new brand of smokes
"Cool your head and clears your throat
"Keeps you young and so in touch."

Said advertising, you're lying
You're never gonna give me what I want
I said smooth talking, brain washing
You're never gonna get me what I need

(What do I care?
Yeah! Hey man
Where's the professor?
We need him now!
Gonna tell you 'bout them
Yeah we take it all the way 'round the world
For that west coast feel
Yeah man
Yeah everything, let it out
It's not what you love
Look out on the radio
All right

 Written by Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey

Persons Unknown

By the Poison Girls

From the album Total Exposure, 1981

Viktor & Rolf Parfums

This is a message to Persons unknown
Persons in hiding, Persons unknown

Survival in silence, isn't good enough no more
Keeping your mouth shut, head in the sand
Terrorists and saboteurs, each and every one of us
Hiding in shadows, Persons unknown

Hey there Mr. Average, you don't exist you never did
Hiding in shadows, Persons unknown
Habits of hiding soon will be the death of us
Dying in secret from poisons unknown

This is a message to Persons unknown
Strangers and passers-by, Persons unknown
Turning a blind eye, hope to go unrecognized
Keeping your secrets, Persons unknown

Housewives and prostitutes, plumbers in boiler suits
Truants in coffee bars, who think you're alone
Big men on building sites, sick men in dressing gowns
Agents in motor cars who never go home

Women in factories, one parent families
Women in purdah, Persons unknown
Wild girls and criminals, rotting in prison cells
Patients in corridors, Persons unknown

Statistics on balance sheets, numbered and rubberstamped
Blind and invisible, you're lost in your homes
Liggers and layabouts, lovers on roundabouts
Wake up in the morning with Persons unknown

Accountants in nylon shirts, feminists in floral skirts
Nurses for when it hurts, Persons unknown
Astronauts and celibates, deejays and hypocrites
Liars and lunatics, Persons unknown

Hopefuls on football pools, teachers in empty schools
Kids into heroin not yet full grown
Typists and usherettes, black men who can't forget
The lonely who long for Persons unknown

Closet idealists, baldheaded realists
Rastas and bikers, the voice on the phone
Pimps and economists, royalty and communists
Rioters and pacifists, Persons unknown

Visionaries with coloured hair, leather boys who just don't care
Garter girls with time to spare, Persons unknown
Judges with prejudice, dissidents and anarchists
Policemen deal dirty tricks to Persons unknown

Strikers and pickets, collectors of tickets
Radical architects, the queen on her throne
Soldiers in uniform, sailors and stevedores
Beggars and bankers, Persons unknown

Football crowd hooligans, bunking off school again
Workers down tools again, United's at home
Smokers with heart disease, cleaners of lavatories
The old with their memories, Persons unknown

Flesh and blood is who we are
Flesh and blood are what we are
Flesh and blood is who we are
Our cover is blown...


The Saints - Private Affair, 1978

You say that you got the answers
You heard 'em all on the telephone
And now you're tellin' everybody
This living co-op ain't a business zone, c'mon

We've got new thoughts, new ideas, it's all so groovy
It's just a shame that we've all seen the same old movies

And now you think you got a first in fashion
New uniforms, we all look the same
A new vogue for the now generation
A new profit in the same old game, c'mon

We've got new thoughts, new ideas, it's all so groovy
It's just a shame that we have seen the same old movies

And you think you can't run and hide what you've done
But don't you know? No-one cares after the first million, c'mon

And now you think you got a first in fashion
New uniforms, we all look the same
A new vogue for the now generation
A new profit in the same old game, c'mon

We've got new thoughts, new ideas, we're all so groovy
It's just a shame that we've all seen the same old movies

So you think you can't run and hide what you've done
And don't you know? No-one cares after the first million, c'mon

It's a shame
'Cause not everybody wants to look the same
And not everybody wants to think the same
And not everybody wants to act the same
And I say everybody don't wanna be the same

Written written by and C. Bailey E. Kuepper

Sunday, 23 April 2017

World Citizen - I Won't Be Disappointed

By David Sylvian 

Version 1

What happened here?
The butterfly has lost its wings
The air's too thick to breathe
And there's something in the drinking water.

The sun comes up
The sun comes up and you're alone
Your sense of purpose come undone
The traffic tails back to the maze on 101

And the news from the sky
Is looking better for today
In every single way
But not for you

World citizen

World citizen

It's not safe
All the yellow birds are sleeping
Cos the air's not fit for breathing
It's not safe

Why can't we be
Without beginning, without end?
Why can't we be?

World citizen

World citizen

And if I stop
And talk with you awhile
I'm overwhelmed by the scale
Of everything you feel
The lonely inner state emergency

I want to feel
Until my heart can take no more
And there's nothing in this world I wouldn't give

I want to break
The indifference of the days
I want a conscience that will keep me wide awake

I won't be disappointed
I won't be disappointed
I won't be.

I saw a face
It was a face I didn't know
Her sadness told me everything about my own

Can't let it be
When least expected there she is
Gone the time and space that separates us

And I'm not safe
I think I need a second skin
No, I'm not safe

World citizen

World citizen

I want to travel by night
Across the steppes and over seas
I want to understand the cost
Of everything that's lost
I want to pronounce all their names correctly

World citizen

World citizen

I won't be disappointed
I won't be.

She doesn't laugh
We've gone from comedy to commerce
And she doesn't feel the ground she walks upon

I turn away
And I'm not sleeping well at night
And while I know this isn't right
What can you do?

Version 2

There goes one baby's life
It's such a small amount
She's un-American
I guess it doesn't count

Six thousand children's lives
Were simply thrown away
Lost without medicine
Inside of thirty days

In the New York harbour
Where the stock's withheld
It was the price we paid
For a safer world

World is suffering
World is suffering
World is suffering
World citizen

In Madhya Pradesh
Where they're building dams
They're displacing native people
From their homes and lands

So they hunger strike
'Cause they believe they count
To lose a single life
Is such a small amount

In the name of progress
And democracy
The concepts represented in name only

His world is suffering
Her world is suffering
Their world is suffering
World citizen

World citizen

And the buildings fall
In a cloud of dust
And we ask ourselves
How could they hate us?
Well, when we live in ignorance and luxury
While our super powers practice
Puppet mastery

We raise the men
Who run the fascist states
And we sell them arms
So they maintain their place

We turn our backs
On the things they done
Their human rights record
And the guns they run


My world is suffering
Your world is suffering
Our world is suffering
World citizen

Who'll do away with flags?
Who'll do us proud?
Remove the money from their pockets
Scream dissent out loud?

'Cause God ain't on our side
The shoe won't fit
And though they think the war is won
That's not the last of it

Disenfranchised people
Need their voices heard
And if no one stops to listen
Lose their faith in words

And violence rises
When all hope is lost
Who'll embrace the human spirit
And absorb the cost?

Not one life is taken
In my name
In my name


My world is suffering
Your world is suffering
Our world is suffering
World citizen

Not one life is taken
In my name
In my name

World citizen (x4)

His world is suffering
Her world is suffering
Their world is suffering
Our world is suffering

World Citizen (x3)

© 2003 by David Sylvian/Opium (Arts) Ltd

Recorded live in Italy 10 April 2003, during the Fire In The Forest tour, 2003-2004.

In performance: David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Masakatsu Takagi (projection images - live mix). DV footage by Yuka Fujii for Osmosis


Zero Landmine

Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto and lyrics by David Sylvian, 2001

This recording was created to promote awareness of the problem of landmines and to promote a ban on landmines. Proceeds from the CD of the recording went towards de-mining efforts and other related funds.

This Is My Home
The Land Of My Mother
The Place I Play
With Sisters And Brothers
The Trees Are Rooted
In The Ground Beneath
Take Away The Violence
Give The Earth Back Its Peace

This Is Our World
Our Common Salvation
It Knows No Borders
It Serves No Nation
The Same Sun Shines Equally
On Those Beneath
Take Away The Violence
Give The Earth Back Its Peace

There's Fire In The Ground
In The Space Between The Trees
In The Forests and Fields
On Pathways, In Dreams

The Stars Are Whispering
To The Ground Beneath
Take Away The Darkness
Give The Earth Back Its Peace

Who Painted The Green Grass Red
With Danger
Who Coloured The Big Sky Blue
With Sorrow
A Strong Wind Carrying Fear
And Anger
Came And Went And Stole Tomorrow

This Is My Home
The Land Of My Mother
The Place I Play
With Sisters And Brothers
The Trees Are Rooted
In the Ground Beneath
Take Away The Violence
Give the Earth Back Its Peace

The Same Sun Shines Equally
On Those Beneath
Take Away The Darkness
Give The Earth Back Its Peace

Like Trees We're Rooted
In the Ground Beneath
Take Away the Violence
Give the Earth Back Its Peace

Give The Earth Back Its Peace

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Frank Zappa on Censorship, Political Correctness and the Anti-Defamation League

Frank Zappa on Censorship, Political Correctness and the Anti-Defamation League

Frank Zappa Government Military Complex Run Music Industry Entertainment Used For Propaganda

Frank Zappa On Freedom Of Speech (CNN Crossfire 1986 - Pt.1)

Frank Zappa at PMRC Senate Hearing on Rock Lyrics

Frank Zappa at his Zenith, 1986

Frank Zappa

“ celebrated in all records that achieve massive airplay on the radio, all television sitcoms, most films and most commercials, and also in schools...Schools train people to be ignorant with style. They give you the equipment that you need to be a functional ignoramus.” – Frank Zappa (Freeman Report, CNN, 26 October 1981).

Frank Zappa studied classical music as a teenager and took up the guitar at the age of 18. He gravitated to jazz music and found a niche in the genres of prog rock and psychedelic rock with his band The Mothers of Invention. He did not originally form the band himself but joined one as a guitarist and took over, renaming it 'The Mothers' on Mother's Day. He was not a vocalist but hey, he had a lot to say!

Frank Zappa has been referred to as “music’s conspiracy theorist” which, put simply, means he was interested in truth and not afraid to investigate for himself in order to find it. He was renowned for his “biting social commentary.” He was an outspoken critic of  social engineering and mind control through drugs, television, radio, populist music, religion, government and education. He had a deeper insight into such things than the majority of people and expressed his views in a very honest and articulate manner in interviews. He has been labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' purely because his awareness of the situation did not reflect the public consensus, aka mind-programming bullshit. in other words, he was ahead of his time because he pretty much knew exactly what was going on. And he was murdered for this and for liberating his music from his corporate record contract.

Zappa died of prostate cancer on 4 December 1993 two weeks before his 53rd birthday. Apparently, he had ignored the symptoms for years, or so it has been said. Some people in the truth movement claim that he was injected with cancer like Bob Marley in 1981. However, my information is that he and fellow Sagittarian (and once vegetarian) Bill Hicks, who died of pancreatic cancer a couple of months later on 26 February 1994, aged just 32, were both victims of black magic in conjunction with the consumption of infected meat over a period of time. An upgraded, more sophisticated method having been developed. I'm told that it is more complex than that, however. Both were heavy smokers but that does not appear to have contributed to their deaths.


Frank Zappa Exposing the Illuminati

Frank Zappa won a lawsuit against Warner Brothers in 1978 and established his own label, also acquiring all the master tapes from his records with them

In 1991, in an attempt to speed up the demise of Communism, he offered to represent Czechoslovakia in order to assist them with trade, tourism and culture. This enterprise ended abruptly before it got off the ground when the US government told the Czech government that they could either do business with the United States government or Frank Zappa!

"His album Thing-Fish dealt with an AIDS like virus which he believed was created in a laboratory":
Frank Zappa / bioterror on Musicbox , 1984 


Frank Zappa's Interview on Freeman Report (CNN)

Hungry freaks, daddy

Mr. America, walk on by your schools that do not teach
Mr. America, walk on by the minds that won't be reached
Mr. america try to hide the emptiness that's you inside
But once you find that the way you lied
And all the corny tricks you tried
Will not forestall the rising tide of hungry freaks daddy

They won't go on four no more
Great mid-western hardware store
Philosophy that turns away
From those who aren't afraid to say what's on their minds
The left behinds of the great society

Hungry freaks, daddy

Mr. America, walk on by your supermarket dream
Mr. America, walk on by the liquor store supreme
Mr. America try to hide the product of your savage pride
The useful minds that it denied
The day you shrugged and stepped aside
You saw their clothes, and then you cried
those hungry freaks, daddy

From the album Freak Out! 1966
Written by Frank Zappa
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Documentary shown on BBC2 in 1993