John Trudell refers to the word frequency as “Vibratory reality."

The Global Elite has been employing various methods and utilising materials and resources without people's knowledge to reduce the frequency of human beings in order to ensnare them in lower density where they can be controlled and enslaved more easily, and where they remain weak and in a state of tension and ignorance.

All in the name of 'democracy'!

“Money is the root of all evil. If we had stopped playing their game, their system would've collapsed. Raise your frequency stop eating the western contaminated foods and don't drink the fluoridated water. I fear it may be too late for a lot of us. What is about to transpire over the next several years will be truly bad before it gets better.” – YouTube comment (interview between Pastor James Wickstrom and Rabbi Abe Finkelstein: ‘A Khazar Jew Tells You As It Is’ I am only posting this ‘man's’ statement.

The upshot is don't cooperate with these people, don't feed their machine, stop buying into their lies and propaganda and consuming the processed foods they produce because it's all designed to weaken and fuck us up so we can be easily controlled. Stop believing you're free. You'll KNOW when you're free!

Vladimir Putin Says Russia Must Protect its Citizens from GMOs

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