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According to Archangel Metatron, humanity has been coerced into exploring this paradigm with intense focus in order to accelerate the lesson of power (and powerlessness) and move beyond it to create a new era of peace, love and balance.

“I suppose the ultimate truth is oneness, that this is a temporary illusion that we temporarily occupy these flesh puppets. We believe so much in our identities. We believe in our individualism and talk as a sort of very egotistical man. Look at my hair. Look at these braces. Look at these ridiculous boots. I’m a person who believes in the nature of my own individualism and my own identity. But, on a deeper level, I recognise that all these things are transient. And what’s important and what’s defining are the things we all share: love, unity, togetherness. As long as we have cultural narratives that eschew these ideas, that suppress these ideas, in favour of negative human traits – greed, selfishness, lust – as long as these ideas are promoted we’ll exist in opposition to one another and we’ll be exploited by corporation that prey upon these negative facets of humanity.” – Russell Brand (talking to Alex Jones).

“If the truth of our union burns within your heart and lives as the truth of your consciousness, your spirit, then everything you touch and embrace rises to the highest denominator vibration held within your being. I Am asking you to feel this resonance of our joyous communion, to feel My Love for you up close and personal and to hold that vibration in consciousness and heart, and wrap it around you life, as you live it moment to moment. The highest vibration entrains the rest and brings every vibration into alignment with it.” - From the Messages from God (channelled through Yael Powell, 18 November 2010,

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” - Yogi Bhajan.

The dark ones have been in control through fear since they won the war in Atlantis. The angels and Galactic Federation and co have had their finger on the switch since the late 80s and the switch back to the Light is starting in earnest this year. The banking elite continues to exert control but their masters and the Annunaki have all left (or most). Imagine: millions upon millions of Christed beings. Some adults who have raised their vibration to match the influx of higher frequencies and subsequently received powerful downloads of enhanced DNA and begun the process of physical transmutation into crystalline, silicone‑based bodies that hold much more Light than ever before. And many, many more younger people who are already born with the double helix fully activated, fully charged and therefore enabling full consciousness as divine beings. Indeed, so many masters walking on the Earth plane, attuned to the Divine Plan and Earth's own shift to the 5th dimension (the entire galaxy is ascending up a dimension) and creating a Golden Age whether the masses awaken or not. Except that they will sooner or later respond to this power, this love, this magic. They will indeed see more miracles and more flying saucers too! And all the emotional blockages that have been keeping them asleep, unconscious, physically bound and identified, their chakras and etheric/merkabic energy fields sluggish (not spinning at the speed of light), addicted to drama and banal TV (and the rest of it) will gush to the surface as all these self‑limiting illusions are purged in response to the return of and to Reality, the tear in the fabric of the Matrix, the opening of the curtains. Once they are fully drawn, there will be hardly any corner for the illusory ego to hide in. Time to wake up and face the truth that we live eternally in a world of Light and that all of our human experiences to date have been a mere dream...The cock is crowing and some people are jumping out of bed while others need a little longer, and yet others want a lie in. Each of us decided prior to birth when we would awaken. Each of us is a unique being, a unique ray of Light, a unique god, or co‑creator. And all is One because Light is One. God/Goddess is one. Love is All. Light is All.

“So, to get to the bottom of it all is to realise that they’ve corrupted absolutely everything that’s true and you are Source. And nobody and nothing should ever be able to diminish your divinity, which we do on a regular basis with ourselves and our thoughts.” – Lisa Nolson, Land Council UK (Leeds Real Change Meeting, 18 July 2015).

“It’s clearly a crisis of two things: of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; but we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behaviour. And, it’s not easy.” - Terence McKenna.

"Where we really want to be, is naked, singing in the rainforest, stoned, and exalted. One with the souls of the ancestors, one with the Gaian spirit of the planet." - Terence McKenna.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” - Johan Wolfgang von Goethe.

"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligent and active understanding, and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion, which desires the greatest good of the greatest number are beyond belief. This dynamic power has never been employed. It can today save the world." - Master Djwhal Khul.

"The notion of original sin and must be replaced with the truth of original blessing.” - Matthew Fox.

“When I say that you are gods and goddesses I mean that your possibility is infinite, your potentiality is infinite.” – Osho.

"Share with them your Light if they ask, but then let them have their right to accept it or reject it. Plant the seeds of truth in their awareness, for this is the most loving and compassionate service you can provide. Those seeds will eventually sprout and bear fruit, if not on this world, then on another. You are not here to be rescuers; you are here to be way-showers. You cannot force anyone into a state of ascension. Realize, dear hearts, it is your desire for them to become sovereign, it may not be theirs. Do not let your compassion get you stuck in judgement of others. Remember, you are already an ascended multidimensional Master. You were loved enough to be allowed to overcome your own self-created limitations. So do fall prey to the nemesis of Lightwork – compassion allowed to become judgement. Love others enough to be their way-shower, but allow them the freedom to enjoy their enslavement. Ultimately, they will overcome it and join you in the state of ascension. Blessings to you all." - Zee (channelled through Katiira Lawrence).

“Bantering with the future of the world does not place one in the cockpit of destiny. What is yet 'to' be is still unformed and in embryo state. Riding the emotions of a world that is still at a point of choice will only serve to lower the immune system of many. Adrenaline spikes off the charts as the pulse of the world watches and worries. True faith needs to plant itself in the soil and soul of humanity. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated by the masses into giving up hope on a bright future. Look deep with the eyes of your soul and ‘sea’ what lies before you and behind you hidden in the ripples of time. Live on the horizon of your life and you will live to the fullness of your purpose.” – The Council of 29/11 that serves the year 2009 (channelled through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 11 November 2009,

“So as we review your situation, we can say that all proceeds well to achieve the intended result at the end times. No matter how many beautiful experiences you may have had whilst on Earth, they will pale into insignificance once you take your place in the higher dimensions. Beauty is in your mind but on Earth it is not always possible to express it, as you would wish. Yet when your powers to create are restored, the perfection as visualised by you will manifest. Nothing is flawed in the higher dimensions, and beauty and harmony will be all around you. With it comes the most happy and contented feeling, as you bask in the Light.” – SaLuSa (channelled through Mike Quinsey, 8 September 2010,

“Your task to lift up is in our opinion made more easy by living now to the highest expression of yourself. By so doing you can become centred and focused upon the future, thus preventing any distractions from taking your attention away from your goal. It does not come easy as for so long you have been conditioned to act in certain ways, and accept what you are told. You are also continually bombarded by the media and other sources, to believe you are subservient to the dictates of the dark Ones. We remind you that you are sovereign Beings and have rights that have been denied you, and will be returned to you in the not too distant future. In fact you are entitled to be honoured and revered for your faith and love for God. It has held fast regardless of the attempts of the dark Ones to separate you from God. Some souls may not yet have found God within, but all have that godspark that can be re-ignited.” - SaLuSa (channelled through Mike Quinsey, 16 August 2010,

“It is not knowledge alone that humanity needs, but development of an inner power which is sometimes called, in its early stages, intuition. Intuition can evolve to such a degree it becomes knowledge, absolute and certain knowledge of the God-life. This power flows through the hands, through the eyes, through the aura of people who have unfolded it. Such brethren walk the world carrying with them healing power. They are the peacemakers. This is the ability to reach and enter that higher plane of consciousness at any time, in any condition of life.” – White Eagle (The Light Bringer. The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition, channelled through Grace Cooke, The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Hants., U.K., 2001, p.102).

“Too many things are given far too much power. Things don’t need power. The government have got this power because we give it to them. And, most of the time they’re not deserving of it. And we still just give them this power constantly. Yeah,, do what you want, fine, go for it, destroy our country.” – Mhee (The Power of Mhee – Living Without Money, documentary, 2011).

Eve Ensler believes that a “passive culture” has been created “where people are just staring up at a screen or just consuming and transacting as opposed to seeing themselves as transformers of their own destiny. I’m just really interested now in all the ways we create energetic shifts and helping people become transformers of the world.” (Mind Shift chat show hosted by Daniel Pinchbeck, October 2013,

"I worked out a little while ago that you don't have to change humanity. All you have to do is change its environment and it will adapt. We seem to have this unique ability of being able to adapt to any sort of environment or situation regardless. We just seem to be able to do it. It's one of our greatest strengths, I'm sure of it. So, I kind of worked out, if you just change the world around humanity." - The late John Harris (radio interview on The Graham Hart Show, 5 May 2015).

"What we are experiencing in this reality is freedom of choice so step away from the fear because it is truly time for people to understand the real power that they have. Turn your back on the TV. Shake off the fear mentality and stand up and say no. Come to the realisation that we are not numbers, we are not consumers, we are sovereign people. And the governments are our elected servants. Understand where their position in the hierarchy actually lies. The government serves the people. The people do not serve the government. And with public awareness of the true dilemma facing humanity, we can quite peacefully and very easily rectify things. One may pause to wonder how we ever let it get this far. How did we ever let the world fall into the situation that it's now in? The entire system is completely corrupt. It is corrupt in every single way. Wars are created by design. Whole nations are decimated for the sake of corporate interests. Our food is poisoned with toxins. Our water supply is filled with toxic waste under the pretext of keeping our teeth healthy. Whole countries are brought to their knees for the sake of profit while most people fail to admit that there's a problem." - The Awakening (documentary by Max Igan, Australia, 2010).

“We’re in a frequency battle. And that’s why they use media, you know, belief systems…Where we’ve bought into belief systems is what has dumbed down our DNA far more than any genetic experimentation…They want us to believe that we’re victims. They want the ‘us and them.’ They want us to stay in duality…My mission since I was young…I was born here to piss off the Archons and get rid of them. When I was young, I knew that my role, or that my mission, was to dismantle the false Matrix which is the archonic system. So I’ve made it a point that everything I do is based on that goal.
                And, so I’ve attracted people to my life and I’ve worked with people that have the same kind of mission. It might be worded differently but I knew that immediately when I met you. And all the others I’ve gathered in my life. They’re doing it whether they have the terminology or not. You know, there’s many healers, there’s many Lghtworkers, there’s shamans, there’s truth tellers, there’s whistleblowers and we all have the abilities of the others, we’re just still in the process of awakening those abilities. But our consciousness knows it. We’re just allowing our physical body to fully bring it in because, you know, there’s been a lot of programmings that we carry in our ancestral lines. We have ancestral patterns, we have different things that our genetics have grown accustomed to that we’re learning to lighten, to bring to the truth. And, so, when we’re in that process we wake up. We realise we’re the masters, we’re the shamans, we’re the Lightworkers, we’re the ones that are the Aeons that are connecting to source. We are the bridge.
                And, you know, being told my connection to the Sophia energy my whole life – She’s known in mythology to be the one that kicks the Archons out. And that’s not a single individual. That’s the feminine within all of us. So, when we bring that to balance within ourselves and awaken the Divine Feminine energies, we’ve gotten rid of it because that’s what they’ve targeted. They’ve abducted Her. They tried to take me to Mars [which Laura says is an archonic planet]. In mythology, they’ve taken Her to the Underworld and locked Her into Her own creative energy and made that their domain. So, that’s really the key, is to awaken the Divine Feminine energies. It’s not about gender. It’s about the intuitive, the nurturing, the wisdom and just anything that’s about creativity and regeneration and restoration. It’s a feminine vibration. It has to work with the male – it’s all about sacred union. It’s all about masculine and feminine working together and bringing the balancing of those two forces back together. A great quote from Caitlin Matthews is, ‘When the feminine energies rise, so too the imbalances of our world iron themselves out naturally’ without any effort – we just simply need to awaken it and understand what that part of us really represents. It’s not what we think it is. It’s not the images of the feminine that we’ve seen in the last hundreds of years. It’s far deeper. And it’s connected to Gaia. It’s beyond gender. It’s connected to the cosmos and the cosmic womb. And, connecting to that is exactly what they don’t want us to do because that is what they’ve targeted.”
- Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, 2014,

On 1 July 2016, channeller Bill Ballard explained in a vlog that part of this great awakening has been about “exposing the Government and what they’ve been doing. And, he goes on, “about all the dark programmes, about the mind control agendas, about how they are shifting in keeping reality in check because out thought and our emotion is what creates the experience that we have. And, when we take back our power, via the awakening, and we realise that this is a quantum universe in that our thoughts, our emotions and this energetic light body that we have is the key to manifestation of the reality that we individually wish to experience, then they lose their power. And they’ve done everything they can to keep the vibrations lower. The first half of the Great tribulation, from 2009 to 22 February 2013, there was a huge battle – I mean huge battle – that was going on during that time. So many of us that were on the front lines, that were awaken and aware and that were speaking openly about these things to the collective, waking them up, we were not only taking hits from the collective that didn’t want to be awoken, we were getting hacked and cracked by the Government and all the trolls and cyber warfare teams that are trained by the military and having our bank accounts taken or having, you know...It was just over and over and over. And, then, by the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, that eased up because so many people on the planet were waking up. And they, too, were taking over, doing the things the exposes, the hacking and cracking, that may others had previously been doing. And it was unstoppable at that point. It snowballed all the way up until the Brexit, up until Britain’s exit from the European Union which now so many other countries want to [do], exit the European Union, too.”

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