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Notorious B.I.G. Bigger Than Life

A discussion about Tupac and Biggie, including who shot Biggie.

These are comments from a different YouTube video posted by hoboneedshemp on 15 October 2007showing a clip from the documentary Notorious B.I.G. Bigger Than Life (2007) which talks about the rise of Biggie Smalls. The video has been removed.

Note: These comments were posted over a two-year period and bn YouTube the earlier ones are at the bottom of the page so read upwards from there]

• [?]
@maggenx Not true because in 96 at the soul train award biggie asked tupac what he was doing and he said ''im only doing it because the money'' it was tupac false that they are both dead

• lwj24
@BiggiEvsTupaC Actually 2pac was killed by the illuminati. Research it, his death had nothing to do with the biggie beef. Biggie on the other hand was probaly killed out of revenge for 2pac.
• GodsAngeI1 Puff DIDDY AND JAY Z KILLED BIGGIE SMALLS and 2pac dr, dre suge knight all knew it was going down in hopes to advance their careers to shet 2pac up and to fill up their bank accounts go on strike dont buying diddy and jay z music delete their demon shit from your ipods smugg fuckers! (snoop dog?)

• TANKJRBOYD77 Illuminati. notice puff diddy did not ride in the same truck with biggie Illuminati ordered p diddy to kill biggie the same way with suge and tupac. fuck Illuminati 
@GodsAngel1 Yeah and snoop knew as well all those mofos are illuminati.....They killed Biggie and PAC!!............... Look how Jay Z's career advanced after biggies death .. and Snoop and Dre's after Tupacs!! Eminem, Nelly, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Rihanna all those people are Masons in the Illuminati!!/. Hope God burns them !!!

• projectpat100
Suge and the Lapd did it mr mack did it 

• MsSulfur Honestly i think p.diddy had something to do the the death of B.I.G becus he was already bigger than diddy n he got jealous n he wanted him dead so he could have the spotlight n if u guys watch the movie u wud notice he didn evn ride with biggie n u usually does so y didn he ride with him that nite?..N i think suge knight was involved 2 n thats how cum tupac died becus p.diddy n suge knight didnt like how they were gettin so they came together to stop it! 

Teknishen04 had nothing to do with east and west. He was set up by Diddy. Pac was killed because he spoke out against the illuminati and even talked about making his own political party. this goes against the Balpmomet (google it), which is what most entertainers have to take to get into hollywood. Bigge had to be kiklled to make it look more like an east coast, west coast rivalry. The Don KILLuminati (Kill Illuminati) is what he stated in an interview. (check out Truthvidz for the story)

• royalnash amir muhammed aka harry billups killed biggie they need to arrest that guy

whats funny is how people think driving up next to someone and firing into the car, is professional. Sniping someone from a distance or using military tactics to kill is professional. do you all realize Pac and Biggie were killed in drive-bys, the same shit that goes on in every hood in this country. Any little wann be thug could have done this shit, wake up

• corvetteSpeed14
kill t
kill th
kill the
kill the f
kill the fb
kill the fbi

STUPID FUCKERS GOT BIGGIE AND 2PAC KILLED copy and paste if u want revenge 

• ziddon yall mothafukas is dumb mobb deep killed tupac and Fbi killed biggie or mobb deep listein to ther music ul under stand

• Dave23459 I actually have both Tupac's and Biggie's murders solved. The only question I have is if Biggie either knew, or payed for Tupac's murder. Orlando Anderson 100% pulled the trigger. Gangs don't go to the police they get even. Think about it, everybody loved Pac, even other gang sets, but if you just got stomped you would definetley want revenge. Orlando was suspected in another murder and was known to have a glock pistol. At club 662 all pacs boys said it was "baby lane" too aka Orlando Anderson. 

• aldeb456 Biggie didn't pay for Pac's murder. As a matter of fact 2 months ago in Hip Hop Weekly magazine Volletta Wallace talks about what Big told her Pac said to him in Cali! Look it up. In 94' when Pac was shot, a lot of ppl really don't know why, that's why they paint Big as the villian. After 12 yrs ppl really don't know what the deal is. They just go by what Pac says cause Pac was an icon. 

• Dave23459 I consider myself an expert on Tupac's and Biggies murder. Mack and Muhammad actually tried to pop Biggie the two days before according to members of Biggies entourage including lil Cease and Diddy. They said they noticed Amir a few times in thedays leading up to the murder. Amir was the first to visit Mack in prison after Mack got popped for the bank robbery. The LAST THING THE LAPD WANTED WAS A DIRTY COP IN THE PRESS FOR A MURDER. Chief parks swept it under the rug. Hence det. Poole quit- 
• Dave23459 The L.A.P.D knows one of their own " David Mack" was in on the $50,000 hit on Biggie-paid for by Suge Knight. Amir Muhammad carried it out in Macks black Impala. The Impala was found in Macks backyard with a tarp over it. Also the exact type of ammunition used in the Biggie hit was found at Macks house. I firmly believe Biggie paid for the hit after the crips offered after Tupac etc jumped Orlando Anerson in the hotel lobby. There is also a lot more evidence too including a witness, sick days. 

• wiri123 just 50,000 dollars???biggie wasw a piece of gold!!!!i think p.fucking diddy gave the order to kill biggie!!!!

• arafathcoolguy I had the same feeling like you but i thinked another way why the hell Diddy kill Biggie cause he was the Exce. Producer of Biggie right so he makes 10 mill diddy gets at least the 40 percent right so why the hell diddy kill a gold maker thats all but still my another side tells me puddy killed him why i still don't know

• Dave23459 At 3:34 you can see a black Impala parked waiting for Biggie's Suburban to exit. As soon as Biggie leaves that Impala leaves, catches the first light with Biggie and dumps 5 shots into the front passenger door. The dude who shot Biggie was Amir Muhamoud. Who was brought in by an LAPD cop David Mack a blood, who has close ties to Suge Knight. The hit was for $50,000. I guarantee this 100%. I did a research paper on Biggies and Pac's death. The murders are easy to solve if you do research.

• aldeb456 Excellent point Dave23459! All ppl have to do is research!

• Dave23459 I blame the old L.A.P.D police chief Parks for closing the case. Mack was already doing 20+ years for the bank robbery-ok. But what about that piece of crap known hitman Amir Muhamoud. Did you know David Mack had a Tupac mural painted on his garage wall. Also found at Macks house were a rare type of bullet used in the killings. Mack set aside 3 personal days to trying to kill Biggie too.

• Entertainbiz How do you know it was $50,000? Where are you getting you info from?

• Rizzanator100 Yo.... the shooter was Billy Garland , 2Pacs real the math .. dumb fucks

• infamousmobb47 r u stupid or something? billy garland died in 1960.


• infamousmobb47 hmm.. maybe cuz HES NOT HIS FATHER?

• Lshorty86 Also, I forgot to Mention..... I totally agree with the guy in the video where he states that Biggie supposely rode with the baddest niggas than why didn't they go after the car that shot Biggie? It was two trucks. Puff daddy with like 2 other niggas were in one car and in the other car was Biggie and two guys as well. When Biggie's car got shot at than why didn't Puffy's car go after the shooter. I understand why the driver of Biggie's car didn't follow that car. Puffy is a punk!

• Lshorty86 Can you tell the patterns of how Biggie was killed and Pac? Both murders were done very similar. Biggie and 2Pac were in the car leaving an event and a car stop right next to them and fire gun shots at them. I'm 100% that is was Tupac's crew or a Tupac Fan who kill Biggie. That night, Biggie went to promote peace between East and West Coast, but the audience booed him since he was in Pac's territory. Everyone taught Biggie killed 2Pac and the Pac's Fan and crew wanted to get back at Biggie 
• aldeb456 Suge ordered the hit from jail. Puffy was the intended target but he passed the amber traffic light, Big was behind him, stopped and Amir Muhammad (aka Harry Biliups) fired. Big was in the front passenger seat. Volletta Wallace trail against Suge, David Mack, Amir Muhammad is in a holding pattern. She is in a civil trail for the wrongful death of her son. The 2005 trail was thrown out cause evidence was withheld. Also LAPD officers might be involved, they covered up a lot. 

• ProfessorHuggins the la police shot biggie and pac, at the behest of suge/puffy. Guns for hire and don't doubt it.  Think about how well their final albums sold. Also consider bigs was released after the fact and pac has like 10 years worth of recorded material. Meanwhile all their old stuff and related material is instantly hot again. Puffy never missed a beat, the next thing you saw was some clownin faggot waving money trying out material big never released. Suge was always an in the back kinda guy. 

• msbreazia Now Everybody Pay Attention

(Now Watch The Suvs Change In The Video)

(Watch Biggie Get In The Back)

(Watch The Two Guys In The Front Keep Looking To The Right Were He Got Shot)

(Now Look At The Suv Someone Shot The front Seat Not The back)

(Ok Either Police,Two Guys In The Front, Puff Daddy Set Him Up)

(Watch The Ambulance Is Already Ready To get Him It DIDNT Take 5 r 10 minutes To Come)

(A Set Up) (What U Think) 

• italstallion06 RIP to both biggie and pac, they both touched the world with their music in their own respective ways, their rivalry brought hip hop to its high and will still never be the same

• syecapsys Puffy had Biggie killed, the set up was perfect. P Diddy knew Big was getting death threats bcuz of Pacs death, so Big should've never been in Cali, but that was a way of having his death look like a retaliation shooting. Big should've been more secured in a bullet proof vest, car, n security team, Diddy was. Plus Diddy has mafia n street connections thanks 2 his father. With Bigs death puffy became sole owner of his music, which bcame more valuable after his death. Didhe did it. 
• lv71389 i agree it also pisses me off how he takes all the production credit when he was basically a hype guy

• thekaytoreedproject y were there no bullets going thru the back seat where we clearly saw biggie sitting. and diddy was in that spot. i never noticed til watchn this tape. 

• 415teens biggie got shot cuz he went on the radio earlier saying he had nothing 2 do with the death of 2pac, and cali niggaz didint believe it and people told big not to go 2 cali, but he did and he got shot.. RiP B, but 2pac is better 

• jamisonanthony that video is edited. you can tell when cars are sort of skipping by and not actually moving in a continuous motion. Also, I never saw Biggie's SUV pull out in front of Puffy. There was some type of LandCruiser or something directly in front of puff. Anybody notice a dumbass impala sitting right there. The vehicle Puffy was in must have been identical too big. Also, who is that BIG guy getting in the back of Puff's car. This vid was edited. 

• ilvi1 it was suge khight he killed hime and pac

• dahomiegang it was suge knight and david mack 

• neemel man the c.i.a. smoked both of them niggas....they almost started a real war between west an the east coast that shit was bad for tourism they couldnt have that....i know they did it............think about it....them niggas in black lit both of them niggas up 
• akerockstar The driver of the Impala (an African-American male neatly dressed in a blue suit and bow tie) rolled down his window, drew a 9 mm blue-steel pistol and fired numerous rounds into the GMC Suburban; four bullets hit Biggie in the chest

• akerockstar By 12:45 a.m. the streets were crowded with people leaving the event. Biggie's truck stopped at a red light 50 yards (46 m) from the museum. While waiting for the light to change, a white Toyota Land Cruiser made a U-turn and cut in-between Biggie's vehicle and the Chevrolet Blazer behind. Simultaneously, a black Chevy Impala pulled up alongside Biggie's truck. 

• akerockstar hopefully that wiki has it right. i actually said a lot of misinformation from what i thought i saw, so i had to clear up what i said with the "truth" (hopefully). i guess we never see BIG in this clip, just the Suburban Puff was in. 

• akerockstar just hearing that part about Compton police moonlighting as security...crooked ass pigs! all that shit russel poole was talking about makes absolute sense...those cops he said were involved would fit with the details of the case...but still no arrests. fuck that. dirty ass motherfucking crooked bitch ass cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¬!!!!!!!!! 
• akerockstar "biggie spoke his peace and kept his peac but ppl thought he had somethin to do with pac gettin killed so they killed him too." that's exactly what i believe, too. BIG should not have went to L.A...shit was way too hot for him! 

• kushnotbush420 the government killed tupac and biggie. pac got shot on the strip there has to be at least 100 witnesses but no arrests were made. for biggies case you have all the evidence in the world but no arrests. the government did it.
• theice404 who's next, michael jordan?

• arjel21 yo if biggie and Pac were still alive, omg there wouldn't be rappers like Lil Wayne and all the other assholes that killed rap/ hip hop
• dsmoooth why would u be in la with no guns if u were them..

• JumboShrimp256 10 years , with evidence, and no results, no arrests.. a Boloni sandwich could solve this murder crime but not highered professionals.

• JumboShrimp256 Amir Muhammed? havnt heard from him in awhile, every media source seems to avoid his name..strange and his uncanny appearance to the person who killed biggie and his connection to an officer named Mack....very bizarre he wouldn't be suspected, he has a connection and his appearance matches the police drawing of biggies killer... can anyone tell me who the sketch artist is for this picture???? 
• akerockstar EXACTLY!!! all those bullet holes sprayed on the passenger side...PUFF IS ONE LUCKY MOTHERFUCKER! that had to be Puff in the passenger seat wearing the hat, 

• RcUniverseGuy fuck the police there all scamming fucking dildos there all crooked in some way they all break the law but they dont arrest themselves... biggie was killed by the police they were paid alot of money to do it its obvious nobody could get away with killing the best rapper at that time without one person seeing the guy that did it.. wtf was cease and puffy doin? they didnt get a look at the guy? thats fucked up i dont believe that 

MistaX2007 IDIOTS.

the first car isn't biggies car, it's fake.

look at the 2 lights in the front..

at biggies car there are only the 2 serial lights..

so DAMN stupid..

• U06MD1050 the bullet holes were on the front door not the baack door. big was supposedly sitting at the back passenger seat. puffy was in front. how did all d bullets get big then?? this shit is a puzzle

• ramon59MCchevy puffy was in the car in the front

• rewill17 big was on the back seat!!!!

• notoriousboy6 big was in the front seat first of all.. get ur facts straight... this videos fake as fuck.... biggie was 6'3, 300+ lbs.... 

• mykalroze Because something fishy, something crooked went down. It all starts with the Tupac killing in Vegas, and the events surrounding it. And the resulting breakout of violence in LA among Bloods and Crips. It involves LAPD cops with ties to gangs. And a lack of trust of the police by the people in both the Death Row and Bad Boy camps, and also a lack of concern on the part of the cops to solve the murders of two rappers. The Biggie shooting mirrors the Pac killing, and no one saw a thing. 

• DJEastOne Rafael Perez shot Biggie, Perez was a LAPD officer at the time employed by Suge Knight and LAPD's C.R.A.S.H division during the rampart scandal, Pérez and his partner Nino Durden famously shot and framed an unarmed gang member Javier Ovando during LA's biggest bank heist. Perez is currently in prison. dont beleive me? look up Perez on the internet and find photos then compare them to the sketch of the killer!!

• akz2204 Rafael A. Perez
• dancyou2b That sketch of the killer looks like Orlando Anderson who was supposed 2 be the 1 who killed 2Pac

• smokeymase no its some muslim dude wit a bowtie not orlando anderson!!!!

• dancyou2b I think 2Pac planned to have him killed before he died in 96. Cause he said on "Hit Em Up" that he wanted to kill him (not in those words). And since when did 2Pac write a song without the truth? never. So why would "Hit Em Up" be any less true than his other songs? 2Pac says "I FUCKED YOUR BITCH" and theres loads of pictures of Pac & Faith standing a bit to close just to be friends! What says 2Pac wasn't talkin the truth when he says: "Im gonna kill all you mothafuckas"? 

• anbera1 he meant kill them in a different way not physically but mentally and destroy there careers. 

• godzilla1234567890 yeah lapd is totally involved no doubt but 4 the one who that him check out amir muhammad or harry billups that fucking faggot i hope he dies 

• Curbswirvin Harry Billips aka Amir Muhammad pulles the trigger! 

• Curbswirvin watch the biggie and 2pac documentary by the btitish dude. its prolly in my favorites. bigs homeboy described him down to the bow tie and even in this video the PD mentions the bowtie. puffy and everyone pretty much new who it was. puff said it was a guy from the nation islam! check it out..its long but worth it. 

• MCRapBreeze So they sayin some islamic person shot him, no way!

• Curbswirvin YEP! what u mean no way? nation of islam killed malcome x too!! go watch the video before you deny whats real homie!!! alot of shit is hard to swallow in this world. im not disrespectin the nation of islam but there are bad seeds in everything!

• sid101 they didn't kill malcom, tupac or biggie, it was the government, the gang members and the fucked up police, so don't say that muslims killed these great people, man you make no sense.

• Curbswirvin look here foolio jones! i know my muthafuckin history when it comes to malcom homie and if you dont believe who shot big then go watch the pac and biggie documentary where witnesses in bigs crew stated that FACT! people who were there the night he was killed a saw the bowtied man when up to him first. the next day puff called him and said a guy from the nation of islam shot big. so take your ass on somewhere and get your mind right before you come fuckin wit mine! um,i never said who shot pac

• Curbswirvin Harry Billips aka amir muhammad! um malcom was killed by the nation of islam. biggie was also. i never said who killed pac so apparently you dont read to fuckin well. watch the biggie and 2pac documentary by the british dude. bigs homeboys who were there that night stated these facts homie and violetta walace was right there. so who the fuck are you again? get your mind right before you open your mouth like you know what your talkin about!

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