“Only at the expense of the self can one live intensely. But the bourgeois values nothing more highly than his self (a rudimentary underdeveloped one, be it said in passing). Thus he achieves stability and security at the expense of intensity; instead of joy, well-being; instead of freedom, comfort; instead of searing fire, a pleasant temperature. For this reason the bourgeois is essentially a creature of low vitality, anxious, fearing all self-abandonment, easy to govern. Consequently, he has replaced power by the majority, violence by law, responsibility by the ballot.” – Hermann Hesse (Reflections 88, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, U.S., 1974, p.25).

This project began some time prior to my research into the global Elite and their dastardly efforts to keep humanity in a state of ignorance and low frequency in order to control and manipulate us. I believe it all started in 2005 with the mediocrity that is Reality TV. I originally intended to write a short book exploring how the entertainment industry keeps people dumbed down but I have since been collecting quotations and articles, encountered during my travels on the internet, which relate to the general theme of the Elite’s war on frequency or consciousness. This is now, therefore, primarily a compilation of articles from various sources, which is why I have opted to turn the project into a blog.

The essential message here is that we are always being called upon to make choices. The Powerlessness of Now – as with our very circumstances themselves - is ultimately about choice.

It is also important to note that The Powerlessness of Now is a constructive platform for change and transformation through awareness and application. Do not assume for one minute that this project is ‘all about powerlessness’ purely because it examines ways in which human beings are kept in a state of powerlessness. This blog is neither designed to reinforce negativity nor to fuel fear or a sense of futility. Nor is it an excuse to wallow in self-pity or vent one’s anger at targets outside of oneself. It is, to borrow a phrase from Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, about "awakening people to the deceptions that have been going on." In all of my books and blogs you will detect the underlying principle of alchemical transformation whether it be operating subtly or brazenly. So please bear this in mind.

“You can place all these roadblocks in front of people, and dumb them down, take away their will from fluoride, chemicals and processed food, and things like that, but it only goes so far.” – Anya Briggs (interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, 12 June 2013,

I should point out that this blog does not go into depth about the physical measures that have been taken to accomplish this suppression of power. I am sure readers will appreciate that things that have been employed to this end – such as chemtrails, fluoride, HAARP and other advanced technologies, weaponised food and bad medicine, as well as our apparent dependency on fossil fuels, and so forth - can be researched on any number of truth movement websites. It has occurred to me that, should I have commenced this project after 2008, the year that I learned about the global conspiracy to enslave humanity (or, rather took it more seriously, as I had previously read a few of David Icke’s books), that kind of information might well have been in the foreground. I am not bringing any new information to the table in this respect. Such topics will be touched upon in the NWO section of this blog, however, and a few important documents will be highlighted. The ‘subjective biological warfare’ that involves ‘silent weapons’ extends to other areas, such as negative news, government, law, education, psychology, consumerism and religious mindprogramming, some of which will be discussed here and some of these areas will be covered in my political books.

It could be said that the areas I am focusing on here are those which do require our attention since we can each contribute to the great changes that are now upon us by what we believe, or know, what we watch and read, how and what we think, and by the vibration that we offer through our state of consciousness. We must let go of fear, greed and insecurity and be vigilant and aware of what is good for all in order to create a harmonious world, a world of magic and wonder, of beauty and wisdom, of love and Light.

The Ascended Masters have made it clear that it is not in our interests to dwell on the destructive schemes that have been inflicted upon us. Giving our attention to them only serves to reinforce them as realities. Fear and anger particularly feed these constructs and prolong the agony. We are told that the best thing we can do for the world is to shine our light, to be in our heart, to play and have fun, live, laugh and love. The creative power I AM can then shine through the cracks of the Matrix to enable the transformation to occur more rapidly. The missing component in most research concerning the state of our world is the information being shared with us from channelled sources beyond the holographic illusion of this world which is based on collective belief. We are assured that ‘the bully is being removed from the playground,’ as St. Germain put it. However, there are now other, terrestrial sources (such as Benjamin Fulford and ‘Cobra’) who regularly provide us with inside information of the changes taking place. So…Don’t Panic!

“Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.” – Excerpt from ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,’
(a document, formerly titled Operations Research Technical Manual TM‑SW7905.1 and dated May 1979 that was discovered in a secondhand IBM copier in 1986, and which was sent to William Cooper and included in his book, Behold A Pale Horse, Light Technology Publishing, 1991).

The bell is tolling. It is time to down tools because it=s time to go home. The five o=clock bell has been rung and the parents are waiting outside the gate in their shiny wagons. The teachers (authorities) on Earth may not seem to be having any of it. They refuse to hear the bell or to announce >Class dismissed.= They are not listening and they are in denial. They have identified with the System. They love to be in control and they are afraid of change. They have done a good job of persuading us there is nowhere else to go, that we have no home to go to, no loving family waiting for us, that there is no value in playing, loving, laughing or having fun, that it is our responsibility to identify with the System as well if we wish to survive or make lots of money. Indeed, what we have been experiencing, for a few decades (or you might say several millennia), is a kind of lock-in, a detention, an extension of a curriculum designed to keep human beings in the dark. The time to go home and play arrived and the teachers intensified their efforts to keep us stuck in our seats, trapped at our desks, as they dedicated themselves to occupying our attention and filling our minds with purely material concerns, with fear-fuelled politics, with self-obsessed individualism, banal entertainment and shallow culture. As slaves of the System, people have forgotten how to relax, to open their hearts and minds, to feel fully within themselves. It is our divine right as expressions of the Creative Source to enjoy a rich, purposeful, meaningful existence on Earth.

People like to believe that they can be happy by going along with the crowd, that they can be healthy by attending to their physical bodies alone as though they are animals, that they can be free without self-discipline, that they can get on with other people whilst sacrificing their integrity and being something they are not, that they can find love by depending on someone else emotionally, that they can find fulfilment through material ambition or identifying with someone else=s purpose. It is time to wake up. We have been sleeping, dreaming, stuck in our fears, beliefs and general inertia mentally and spiritually. We have been plugged into the Matrix of corporate Capitalism as fodder for a greedy, manipulative elite. It is convenient for the powers that be to keep us addicted, hypnotised, asleep, in blind obedience, a condition in which we remain ignorant of our power, freedom, unique purpose and potential for creative self-expression. The Powerlessness of Now, then, is as much about empowering ourselves in general terms and liberating ourselves from the stranglehold that those bullies, the clepto-corpocracy and their political puppets, have been holding over us. Indeed, the school of Earth is being upgraded to University status and many of the old schoolmasters are simply resisting change because they are unwilling to adapt to the new conditions.

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Going through my notes, I have been reminded that this project actually has its roots in an earlier piece of writing titled ‘Save the Male’ which has remained unfinished until now. Yet it is the seed of all my writing from that point onwards (it is this subsequent work to which I was referring previously as intrinsically alchemical in nature). I am therefore adding this work here.

In addition, I am expanding the blog to include a few other projects. My research into climate change had to be abandoned because it was dragging on and on and I found myself getting out of my depth. I probably won’t be finishing it exactly but plan to try and ‘round it off’ and share it in a presentable form. In other words, get rid of it, yeah. Haha. Someone might find it useful.

The second item I wish to share in Part Two is nothing! Indeed, there is nothing there because my essay on nothingness went missing. After repeated searches I am left with absolutely nothing, and I was rather fond of it too. It is the single most hilarious event in my life. Third on the list is my thesis on cultural identity which also, potentially, runs into an ongoing blog (I was originally considering a magazine) on British culture.

Finally, we have another ancient manuscript or, rather, box of notes, titled ‘Excess Yin’ which identifies the basic, frequential defects of the human condition, philosophically (some of my earlier writing is what I term ‘pure philosophy’). If Save the Male is the seed of my alchemical writings, it would be fair to suggest that Excess Yin serves as their foundation.

Take note, however, that all of the work included in this blog is peripheral in relation to my cardinal voyages.

Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan): “Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and will die here like rotten cabbages.”
- The Prisoner (‘Free For All,’ 1976).


I have learned that giving attention to the negative conditions of the old World Order only serves to fuel and support it. So this blog is just a reminder of what we are leaving behind, the Machine we are dismantling, the Matrix from which we are awakening. So please focus on the progress being made as this world starts to be transformed for the good of all (see and take a detached view of the information herein, knowing that we are leaving all false beliefs, oppressive constructs and the resulting sense of victimhood behind.


The Powerlessness of Now

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