Interviewer: This is another reason reggae is rebel music. Bob Marley himself: Bob, how important is the ganga to a Rastaman?
 Bob Marley: Ganga is a herb.
Interviewer: Does it matter to you that it’s still against the law here in Jamaica?
Bob Marley: Every law is illegal.
Interviewer: Every law is illegal.
Bob Marley: Every government on the face of this Earth today is illegal. Not one of them is legal.


Just a collection of articles pertaining to the corporate mafia's hegemony and some of the methods the Satanic Elite have been using to keep humanity down. These particular items, however, relate directly to the Elite and their ambitions.

I have also written an article and a book on the Illuminati. Click the eye below for the Illuminati section of my website.

illuminati is my name
i work for God in a roundabout way
i dont like to be reminded of this though
so please dont mention HIS name
~ Antraeus

NWO Agenda

Four Critical Messages for the Masses

Dark Forces



Methods & Technologies

16 Famous People Killed by the Illuminati

Money & Corporate Control

Fall Dog Bombs the Moon
Criminalising squatting is the real crime

War & Atrocities


Sowing the Seeds of Love

Common Law and Educating Ourselves to Attain Freedom

Prologue to the Wake-the-Fuck-Up Podcast

Japanese musician Sugizo once said in an interview that "there are secrets held by a small elite who control the world...We spend our lives without ever being aware of the truth that is hidden from us, and so through the song 'Tell Me Why You Hide The Truth?' meant 'We have to liberate freedom and rebuild it by ourselves.' I think the world is in need of a revolution. To know what to believe, to know what's really going on in this world we have to take the initiative. That's the sort of signal I'm trying to send.' He also added: 'The thing I seriously want to do the most is make society, the whole world, clean. That's the duty we must fulfill for the next generation.'"

'Tell Me Why You Hide the Truth' by Sugizo



"I am so tired of waiting,
Aren’t you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?"
- Langston Hughes.

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