Friday, 25 March 2016

TV versus the Internet

An Italian friend complained that she was having internet connection problems in July 2009. I replied: 'I've been having connection probs too. I sometimes wonder if it is the secret world government, perhaps using their HAAARP weapon or something, just fucking with everyone's heads to keep us anxious, stressed and low in energy and consciousness because the spiritual energies have really increased on Earth this year, especially recently!!'

Excerpts from a convo on Facebook (a video thread in a group):

Antraeus: There's also a 2-4 second subliminal image change designed to low people's energy vibration. I threw it out when I heard that but I was only watching the occasional DVD of older series really anyway. The quality nowadays is piss poor. St Germain told us that, talking about the authentic Self, empowerment and liberation, and the Elite not liking it when they lose slaves. So I donated mine to charity.

Sia: I studied my whole life to become a film maker. Nowadays I avoid most of them like the plague. They are mass consciousness bombs and viruses. Sometimes you need to sit and watch a movie, and if you are smart you get a lot of insight in terms of what is being done. But for the most part I view most films as slaughter softeners for cattle.

David: Is there an escape from Archetypes?
Antraeus: No we need to choose them carefully and align ourselves with those that serve us on the highest level.
Sia: I'm down with that...Because if we don't...We end up with the Daleks.
Antraeus: Did you see this Sia?:​Q (Spike Milligan - Pakistani Daleks).
Paolo: A point that this video is making (which was slightly different at the time it was made), is the "sitting in front of the screen" vibe... Sure, we educate and share much more directly with this new system we have... but it also easily leads to just sitting here too.
Sia: I agree, we should burn our laptops and computers. You go first :-V

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