Friday, 25 March 2016

Alex Jones on Facebook and Brain Fingerprinting

2 July 2013

Professor Griff: The average person that uses Facebook – how would their information be used against them in the future?
Alex Jones: It’s given to the FBI to create face print scans. So face-scanning cameras can track anywhere you go. And, then, Facebook, to prove that it’s your ‘Facebook,’ will say, ‘are these your friends from High School? Did you ever ask how it knows a photo is of you and your friends from high School? It’s comparing a face scan with you and your friends to make you interface with it to give it human intelligence. The computer is using you – Facebook is really an NSA computer. This has come out, that it’s trying to become artificially aware; and it’s using humans to train it. It’s a war game.
Professor Griff: So, brain fingerprinting, is this true, false...
Alex Jones: Absolutely. That’s what it is.
Professor Griff: So, if you committed crime, they can plug you up to this machine and go into your brain to figure out if you committed this crime?
Alex Jones: Well, they can also show you subliminals. Everyone is subliminally being programmed with brain fingerprinting, to then have false arrests in the future. Then they have false pre-crime where they claim the machine, it knows you’re going to commit a crime, but really it’s not true. But they’ll bust some real people to legitimise its use.

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