Monday, 23 October 2017

Number One Hypocrite

Dystopia, 2008

This has been built for you and me
Maniacal annihilation machine
Using fear to keep you in control
"Every one else is the terrorist"
That's what you've been sold

And you buy it?
Yes you fucking do
You buy everything in site
You eat everything they are feeding you
You buy a piece of poisoned happiness
And suckle system's boob
Your freedoms nothing more than a lie
And America is killing you

Seems like we aid in every war
And we're friends with whom we abhor
Always at the expense of the poor
If it were the rich
There would be no more war

Rape and conquest feed your kids
Gets you "things" things you equate with freedom
If you want an SUV, we'll have to kill some children
And you don't fucking care
As long as you are not impaired
Giving money to the system
To enlist the poor and kill them
It's the American way.
And you're a fucking slave
And the simple fact is this:
You're the fucking terrorist

And I'm trained like you
Dumbed down through church and school
In the end it's just my luck
I'm a product of where my parents fucked

I'm american because my parents fucked! (In America)
(I'm not American)

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