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Frank Zappa

“ celebrated in all records that achieve massive airplay on the radio, all television sitcoms, most films and most commercials, and also in schools...Schools train people to be ignorant with style. They give you the equipment that you need to be a functional ignoramus.” – Frank Zappa (Freeman Report, CNN, 26 October 1981).

Frank Zappa studied classical music as a teenager and took up the guitar at the age of 18. He gravitated to jazz music and found a niche in the genres of prog rock and psychedelic rock with his band The Mothers of Invention. He did not originally form the band himself but joined one as a guitarist and took over, renaming it 'The Mothers' on Mother's Day. He was not a vocalist but hey, he had a lot to say!

Frank Zappa has been referred to as “music’s conspiracy theorist” which, put simply, means he was interested in truth and not afraid to investigate for himself in order to find it. He was renowned for his “biting social commentary.” He was an outspoken critic of  social engineering and mind control through drugs, television, radio, populist music, religion, government and education. He had a deeper insight into such things than the majority of people and expressed his views in a very honest and articulate manner in interviews. He has been labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' purely because his awareness of the situation did not reflect the public consensus, aka mind-programming bullshit. in other words, he was ahead of his time because he pretty much knew exactly what was going on. And he was murdered for this and for liberating his music from his corporate record contract.

Zappa died of prostate cancer on 4 December 1993 two weeks before his 53rd birthday. Apparently, he had ignored the symptoms for years, or so it has been said. Some people in the truth movement claim that he was injected with cancer like Bob Marley in 1981. However, my information is that he and fellow Sagittarian (and once vegetarian) Bill Hicks, who died of pancreatic cancer a couple of months later on 26 February 1994, aged just 32, were both victims of black magic in conjunction with the consumption of infected meat over a period of time. An upgraded, more sophisticated method having been developed. I'm told that it is more complex than that, however. Both were heavy smokers but that does not appear to have contributed to their deaths.


Frank Zappa Exposing the Illuminati

Frank Zappa won a lawsuit against Warner Brothers in 1978 and established his own label, also acquiring all the master tapes from his records with them

In 1991, in an attempt to speed up the demise of Communism, he offered to represent Czechoslovakia in order to assist them with trade, tourism and culture. This enterprise ended abruptly before it got off the ground when the US government told the Czech government that they could either do business with the United States government or Frank Zappa!

"His album Thing-Fish dealt with an AIDS like virus which he believed was created in a laboratory":
Frank Zappa / bioterror on Musicbox , 1984 


Frank Zappa's Interview on Freeman Report (CNN)

Hungry freaks, daddy

Mr. America, walk on by your schools that do not teach
Mr. America, walk on by the minds that won't be reached
Mr. america try to hide the emptiness that's you inside
But once you find that the way you lied
And all the corny tricks you tried
Will not forestall the rising tide of hungry freaks daddy

They won't go on four no more
Great mid-western hardware store
Philosophy that turns away
From those who aren't afraid to say what's on their minds
The left behinds of the great society

Hungry freaks, daddy

Mr. America, walk on by your supermarket dream
Mr. America, walk on by the liquor store supreme
Mr. America try to hide the product of your savage pride
The useful minds that it denied
The day you shrugged and stepped aside
You saw their clothes, and then you cried
those hungry freaks, daddy

From the album Freak Out! 1966
Written by Frank Zappa
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Documentary shown on BBC2 in 1993


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