Thursday, 29 December 2016

Prince's Death

"Now where I come from we don't let society tell us how it's supposed 2 be. Our clothes, our hair, we don't care. It's all about being there." - Prince.

Prince died on 21 April 2016. Cause of death: accidental drug overdose. loll.

My information is that the Illuminati killed Prince Rogers Nelson (who was worth $500 million) using the same black magic ritual they used to murder Michael Jackson, George Michael and many others. This causes heart failure which they then explain away using doctors and other authorities who are in their pockets.

The media has been claiming that Prince was battling with an opioid painkiller addiction ("the highly addictive Percocet"). The same convenient accusation they threw at Michael Jackson. In Prince's case, they say that hydrocodone pills laced with the dangerous opioid fentanyl were found when investigators searched the musician's Minnesota home after his death. Right. We never head of this before because Prince kept it a secret and it had no effect whatsoever with his ever-romantic marriage with Mayte Garcia.

Prince compares record contracts to 'slavery' in rare interviews.

Prince the 'Artist Formerly Known As' and the 'Love Symbol' fought long and hard to emancipate himself 'from the chains that bind me to Warner Bros' as he put it.

Warner Bros Contract

It's actually the ultimate symbol in alchemy and represents 'everything.'

The reason being that, like Michael Jackson, he stood up to the powerful cartel of Illuminati record companies.

"Prince was in an 18 year battle with Warner Bros. over the rights to his music which was recently settled. Warner Bros. announced on Friday that it had reached an agreement with the pop icon, who was signed to the label from 1978 to the mid-1990s, during which time he released key projects like ‘Purple Rain,’ ‘1999,’ ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ and ‘Around the World in a Day.’"

“With them it is also about the money!!! Both Prince and MJ were smart businessmen!!!!! Prince was revoutionising the music industry teaching other musicians and artists how to keep music rights and keep more money...that costs the industry A LOT of money!!!! They didn't want to give up the money they made off of artists and the music!!!! SO they whack him! MJ had got like 50% ownership of Sony and he battled with them! So he could have been whacked too! MJ Owned a lot of music including a lot of Beatles songs. He outbid Paul McCartney for them. lol. Those alone made a huge amount of money for him! Warner Brothers and Sony are huge!!!! They are not gonna let others keep them from taking the lion's share of the money!!!!!! I've been saying it all along! Plus they make a huge amount of money when the artists die!!! Whitney may have also been whacked...her death and then her daughter???? also Bobbi Kristina almost drowned in a tub the day before Whitney!!!! Just not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Rose Knepp Talkruthy (YouTube Comment, July 2016).

Dick Gregory Interview: They Killed Prince


Prince in a scene from the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon


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