Thursday, 16 June 2016

Michael Jackson

Again, the information in my file is no longer with us so here are some videos instead...

Michael Jackson: The Footage You Were Never Meant To See
[This excellent documentary is a must see for everyone! It contains various clips from Michael's own video camera from the interview with Martin Bashir. Bashir was used to gain the artist's trust and encourage him to open up and reveal all so the world could see the real Michael Jackson. His bosses (or more likely those above them) then cut the video to show Michael in a bad light, piecing clips together with criminal intent with no interest in sharing the truth. Only presenting an image of the star that was in keeping with the slanderous campaign to ruin his reputation]

"The moment I started breaking the all-time records for the biggest selling albums of all time they called me weird overnight, strange, wacko. You know, they said I'm a girl, homosexual. 'He wants to buy the Elephant Man bones.' 'He sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.' None of that stuff is true. All completely made up." - Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Rare Interview 25 February 1983

Michael Jackson Interview 1984 "I like to create magic"

Michael Jackson «Unauthorized Interview» 1983

What DID happen to Michael Jackson? Part one (REMAKE)

Farrakhan Speaks The Crucifixion of Michael Jackson 1 of 6

Michael Jackson is Not a Drug Addict! - His Personal Nurse Speak Out

Michael Jackson's Nurse Cries Talk About MJ Situation

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