Saturday, 7 May 2016

Publishing Rights

Frank Zappa, in an interview on MTV in 1984, explains that a song he wrote was credited to John Lennon and Yoko Ono on a record, under a different title, and he looked a bit pissed off about it. The interviewer says, “It’s so hard not to laugh [referring to Zappa’s answers in general.” Zappa says, ”Go ahead and laugh. What’s the difference? See what MTV does to you. You can’t laugh. You have to sit there and take this stuff seriously. Give yourself and the audience a break. [She’s laughing now]. Would you? I mean, are we to assume that MTV really is an extension of the Warner Brothers mentality? It is, isn’t it? Come on, be honest. It’s that corporate-Warner-Brothers-come-on-we’re-[so?]-out-there-in-there-valley kind of mentality, isn’t it?” The interviewer replies, “It is! There’s no doubt about it.” Zappa says, “I know it.” She adds her thoughts to the criticism: “They may call it ‘rock ‘n’ roll but it’s corporate America.” Zappa sums up: “That’s right. It’s push the button, pull the chain and out comes a little brown choo choo train.”

Prince speaks on record labels' contract deals

John Peel plays a track from reggae artist Scotty, who does a cover of Prince's Thieves In The Temple, broadcast on 7th April 1991 from BBC Radio One
[I included Prince's acoustic version originally but it was removed from YouTube]

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