Sunday, 8 May 2016

Pay Attention!


Channelled through Jani King, April 2016

Q: I've noticed that many people seem to be feeling very disconnected from their life and out of control and they want to get back in control. I think that what you've said about living in the moment and living with compassion for other beings could be the answer for them.

P'taah: Indeed. You know, where it feels out of control, it is because there is a lack of focus and attention, a lack of giving thanks. The moment that you are giving the thanks, the moment that you are focused and seeing what it is that you truly have in your life, then indeed, you become connected. You are in your power place because you are in your Now and at your choice point, you see?

Q: Yes, I do.

Q1: I've wondered how responsible we are for the Earth. Just as we don't pay attention to our own bodies, maybe we don't pay attention to the Earth cycles either and that is why the Earth appears to us to be sick. But as you have said, that's only a very human view of it.

P'taah: It is a human view because that is how humans are - sick and disconnected, broken-hearted.

Q1: I think it's our feeling of powerlessness. I mean, I look at all these ways in which we feel so disempowered to change the bigger picture.

P'taah: Indeed, beloved. So pay attention. Be aware of your own bodies, be aware of the Earth you live on and the moon phases of waxing and waning. Be in the Now of it because that is where the power lies - in the Now. The Now is the choice point.

Q1: Many people would say at this time that they associate this disconnectedness with the energies of the time and the Transition, but you would say that that's really hog wash, would you?

P'taah: I would.

Q1: If you would use such an expression.

P'taah: Oh, we would say that hog wash is a very good expression!

Q1: I'm beginning to see and awaken to how we keep trying to put everything 'out there' instead of dealing with the things we need to deal within ourselves.

P'taah: Absolutely! There is nothing 'out there.'

Q1: And until we deal with it, it doesn't really matter what calendar we use, or what food we eat, we're always going to be scared and running...

P'taah: Yes.

Q: Pretty powerful stuff, P'taah.

P'taah: It is very powerful, beloved. You are very powerful! So you see, the bottom line is that you must deal with how it feels Now and in dealing with how it feels Now, you transform yourself into being more present, more powerful, more connected.

By saying your 'thank you's,' you become aware of just what wondrousness you have created thus far in your life and the wondrousness of your Earth as she is right now, not when she is this way or that way. And in the same way, not when you are this way or that way but always.

Both you and your Earth are reflections of Source. The Goddess Earth is as much a reflection of Source as You, and the Goddess Earth, in fact, interacts with you and within this interaction is the possibility for the most stupendous joy, for growth, for love, you see?

It is up to you! To give your power away to an idea called 'energies of war' and this and that, and 'energies of Transformation and coming changes,' you see it is nothing. It is only nonsense 'out there.' It is giving your power away to somebody else's idea.

And the body has such integrity. It is such a wondrous temple that moment by moment shows you who and how and where you are. It is only to bless it and in the blessing and giving thanks for this gift of your arthritis, your asthma, your allergies, whatever it is to say, "Thank you for this gift that shows me who I am."

Q: (Softly) Uh huh.

P'taah: You see, then you are not fighting the body. You are not fighting this wondrousness, this miracle. Does that make sense?

Q: Oh, P'taah, it makes perfect sense and I walk through the day saying, "Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about love." And it's a miracle, it's a blessing.

P'taah: It is.

Q: Thank you so much, P'taah.

P'taah: Oh beloved, what a joy it is to be with you in this fashion and to all of those beloved ones who will read these words, we issue forth to each of you our grandest love. Namaste.

Q & Q1: Namaste, P'taah. Thank you so much.

P'taah: So farewell for this moment.

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