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Save the Male. Part B

Save the Male from Suppression by….the enemies of Patriarchy of course! 

By Antraeus de Herschia, 1 March 2014


“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed colour. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid anymore.”
- John Steinbeck, East of Eden.

No, no, you’ve got it all wrong! Patriarchy doesn’t suppress the masculine principle, conscious intent and the will-to-action. No, it’s those bitches who talk about non-judgement, unconditional love and A Course In Miracles who are responsible.

So, I came across this guy named Mark Passio on the Internet and it seems appropriate to base a second part to ‘Save the Male’ on him. This guy is no doubt an Indigo truth warrior who has pieced together many parts of the puzzle and articulates his findings (and theories) clearly and passionately (as one would expect with a name like that). Unfortunately, he was drawn into the Church of Satan presumably owing to a materialist bent as opposed to a spiritual disposition. As a result, he has been poisoned but does not know it. Mark Passio was informed that they have written and peddled many New Age books themselves with the goal of deceiving humanity by spreading disempowering nonsense and deceptions such as ‘ignore the negative’ (and remain in an unconscious state through fear), ‘never get angry,’ ‘it’s all good’ (because we’re all one), solipsism (discussed at the end of this essay), abuse of meditation and yoga (he says they are being used as a distraction from the horrors of world), ‘what you resist, persists,’ (“Don’t resist evil. Just let it run rampant and destroy everything that is Good” and don’t fight for your freedom because it is irrelevant), ‘don’t use force,’ ‘you only attain enlightenment when you feel good all the time,’ ‘forgive wrongdoing again and again,’ ’safety results from giving up one’s freedom,’ ‘the truth just stands on its own and does not need to be defended so never confront anyone on their bullshit.’

Mark Passio targets the weak areas of the feminine as Patriarchy has always done in order to attack the right brain and obliterate any sense of worth that it may yield in terms of feeling, spiritual sensitivity and creative energy. He is coming from the ego mind, the male, left brain and is declaring war on the cosmic whole. In the absence of personal experience pertaining to our natural euphoric state, which can be accessed during meditation, contemporary practices and perspectives are neatly written off as "feel-good spirituality."

Passio, bizarrely, appears to categorise the ‘sacred feminine’ qualities of ‘caring, compassion and creativity’ as non-aggression as though they have little more to offer than passivity which can play only a supportive role to the ‘sacred masculine’ principle of self-defence. In other words, he might admire the Chicago gangster of the 1930s, Al Capone, who is reported to have said: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

Restoration of the feminine side of consciousness opens the heart and mind and allows balance between male and female, left and right sides of the body and brain. An astute young man named Timothy Matias bravely stood up to the most venomous vitriol I have ever encountered in the domain that is the Land of YouTube Comments. The nastiness against which he stood his ground was from a guy who had posted a segment from one of Passio’s talks. He put in these words:

“New Age philosophy believes in balance between female and male energies. Presently, many New-Agers believe the world is having too much male energy, and not enough female energy, and this is the principle reason for the problems in the world. What we need is a balance of energies, and that is what New Age is all about.”

He received the following retort:

“The ‘New’ Age movement is all about inducing passivity, submissiveness and creating a right brain imbalance in people who subscribe to this narcissistic BS religion.”

To this Matias replied at length:

“You seem to think ‘New Age’ is an ideology. It's not. It's a movement, and like all movements, we come from many different walks of life, share different opinions, perspectives, cultures, and values, and this diversity of views enriches our New Age Experience.

I've met and interacted with many people who consider themselves New Age, or affiliated with New Age, and the ‘feminine’ New Agers, who (I must again correct this misunderstanding) feel that there is too much masculine energy in the world, creating an imbalance, and that is caused by us forgetting our feminine side.

It shouldn't be too hard for you to grasp this reality, it's all around you. The history of civilisation has been almost wholly dominated by patriarchal/masculine values: aggression, control, dominance, competition, hierarchy, ambition, and selfishness. Feminine values, such as cooperation, liberation, submission, communication, diplomacy, and selflessness have only recently begun to awaken in humanity, and this great awakening is referred to in many New Age circles as ‘The Age of Aquarius.’

As humanity gains consciousness of its femininity, our reality becomes balanced, allowing us to experience a far fuller appreciation of the world than we could ever experience with a consciousness that is only open to male energy. With both male and female consciousness awakened and blending together in harmony, we are able to truly understand ourselves, each other, and reality in ways that were unimaginable before!

Here is another way to make it easier to understand: male and female energies, just as their sexual counterparts reflect, are two different ways of appreciating the same reality: one out, and one in. Sure, it's great to put ourselves out there, but projection without underlying meaning is naught by chaos, a mindless struggle. This is what Buddha referred to as ‘craving.’ Female energy is that ‘meaning’ (what we project changes into), to bring purpose and fulfilment to our desires.

To put it another way: philosophically, female energy is the question, and male energy is the answer. When we settle for the answer, without understanding the question, everything becomes absurd (here, I am referring to the existential concept ‘the Absurd"). But if we, after consciously realising what the ‘question’ of life is: our hypostasis or ‘essence,’ then we are able to appreciate the ‘answer’ (male energy) in its fullness.

You see, female and male energy aren't opposed to each other, they compliment each other. One cannot be realised or appreciated without the other, because the question and the answer are really two sides of the same equation of life. To ‘solve" the equation of life, what is often referred to in the New Age as ‘enlightenment,’ both sides (female and male) must be balanced out. It's quite logical, actually.

This is the most complex problem of life, but also the most simple. If you really want to see the solution, you need to let go of what you know, and be.

Be reality.”

Ignoring these words of wisdom, the video uploader’s rhetoric was issued forth succinctly:

Did you watch the videos I posted? I guess not, so here they are again: [links].

Matias answered with continued poise and intelligence:

“I don't watch material with biased titles, unless they're satire (or I view them as satire). I don't have time to waste on wasteful negativity ^_^
          But as I said, the premise is wrong to begin with. New Age doesn't suppress masculine energy. New Age is a movement to work towards a balance between feminine and masculine energies. We want to liberate and awaken our female and male energies, because both are just as key to appreciating the grand symphony that is life. We've got so much bass that I can't hear the music. Let's get some treble action in there, to make some real music! :D”

Evidently not happy about getting his own way – oh, sorry, making the young man see reason – ‘Dismantle the Matrix’ spat out his venom with contempt:

“That is probably the most foolish and nonsensical thing I have ever heard anybody say. So you're unwilling to watch a video which has a title that offends your soft, gentle little ‘New’ Age feelings? Don't judge a book by its cover you imbecile! These videos will potentially free your mind from the trap/mind-controlled state that it's currently in thanks to you taking up this destructive religion and joining the CIA/Satanist-funded ‘New’ Age Cult. In truth, you're a COWARD who's too scared to face reality, since you're chronically right-brain imbalanced and prefer to remain in your cosy little ‘New’ Age bubble of total bunk and deception. You're consciously choosing the sweet, comfortable Lie over the harsh, bitter Truth and ultimately you're going to pay for ignoring Truth and reality. I will link here the ‘New’ Age BULLSHIT videos for a 3rd time and if you reply without watching at least 1 of these videos then I'm banning you from spewing your ‘New’ Age poop on my channel permanently.”

Mark Passio and fiends such as the above have fallen into the trap of writing off the entire New Age movement believing that it is all just part of the Illuminati agenda because that is what they profess it to be which suits Christians and ex-Satanists just fine! Indeed, this is most convenient because it means that Mr. Passio does not need to acknowledge the validity of New Age thought or explore the information that has been shared by the forces of Light. These can be safely dismissed at the drop of a hat – just as many of us are likely to do regarding the more convoluted teachings of Satanism! Men of knowledge cannot afford to unravel too many balls of string. I should know because I am one and I have had to leave many doors closed for the sake of scholastic integrity. One simply cannot explore every avenue no matter how relevant they may appear. One must make some hard choices along the way and avoid getting sidetracked. Just what may constitute a distraction, however, depends on one’s view of the whole picture, providing there are no false beliefs obstructing it. And it might be said that only the heart can see that. As for inconvenient truths, well…

The truth, actually, is that we are opening ourselves to the higher energies as they make a return to our world and, as we do so, we detach ourselves more and more from the illusion of the world outside of ourselves and begin to view it from a higher perspective which no carnivorous, red-blooded, action-oriented extrovert, who is identified with his male body, is likely to appreciate. So, think again wise guy! For, you are attacking the very solution to the world’s problems. Interesting that you have been brainwashed by a bunch of Satanists and have become an unwitting stooge for their diabolical schemes. Bwahahaha!

Not to worry love, as long as you can afford to feel that your system of knowledge is complete, everything is under control!


“Thus, as I have said to you before, trust Me. I will provide. And as you have seen and known for eons, you can multiply the loaves and fishes by loving them. Not with the ego's goal of getting - getting something that makes the little self happy - but rather just to be this Love, giving forth more and more blessings. Love every symbol of your life, even those things the ego judges, because every particle of everything is made of only one substance and that is Love. Love even those things that appear as shadows, those things judged as darkness by the mind. When seen by the heart, they are dancing particles of Love enlivened with the Light I Am. Beloved ones, there is nothing else. Everything else is like a dance by finger puppets held up before a light beam. The dance of the old world of ego has just as little substance as this. It disappears when you see it with the heart that is the single eye that Jesus mentions. If your eye is single, your whole body, your whole world is filled with Light for that is all there is.” - The Messages from God (channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 3 March 2014,

The following are my responses to some of the statements made by Mark Passio in a talk that he gave at the ‘Omni Hotel Natural Law Seminar‘ in New Haven, Connecticut, on 19 October 2013. Passio gives an aggressive and impassioned diatribe against what he terms ‘New’ Age Bullshit whose purpose is the ‘suppression of the Sacred Masculine.’ In order to support his thesis, he employs, ooh, say, one supposed ‘New Age’ woman he once met and who represents everything he fears and hates in the world and which he apparently ascribes to wishy-washy women who are right rather than left-brained focused. His tirade against this looming phantom menace comes across as a defence mechanism on behalf of the intellect, the left brain, which is so precious to man in general. According to Mark Passio, humanity is under threat from the vacuous philosophy of solipsism. Here are some of Passio’s words:

“The deception of the New Age movement and how it is a religion that is designed to suppress the masculine side of the personality which is the side that actually takes action and creates change. And that, of course, is pushed by the sacred feminine which is care and creativity and compassion. Both need to be present…What the New Age religion wants to teach people is to just accept everything the way it is no matter how unjust it is, no matter how deplorable the conditions are, no matter how much evil – evil! – is taking place in our midst. Accept it. That’s the New Age religion.”
In other words, on the face of it, that is how the new consciousness – which is an organically beatific spiritual awakening mostly involving shedding density and false beliefs - looks (in its inception at any rate). And, basically, neither Passio nor the Illuminati understand it, or how powerful it is on a subtle level as it opens us to the light which is being anchored on Earth slowly but surely. No it is not ‘in your face’ and no it does not employ force. It takes the premise that being and consciousness should precede action.

Christians and Satanists alike believe that the New Age movement is just a pawn in the Elite’s game of global tyranny and destruction because they are both unable and unwilling to consider that it may have any credibility and therefore be worth looking into. So here is this guy with his preconceived ideas and vitriolic agenda, looking for all the potential signs of pathos in the New Age movement and generally behaving like a Satanist with his bitch whore whom he loves to call ‘weak’ and ‘worthless’ to justify treating her roughly and taking all his anger out on her. It’s like he was drawn to the Church of Satan because he looked down on humanity, believing them to be mostly a waste of space, a hoard of ‘useless eaters’ without whom the world would be better off. And then he came out the other end honing this fascistic contempt for humanity towards the true ‘enemies of Satan’ like a ready-made sandwich that was handed to him on the altar of the Dark Lord himself.

Acceptance here involves not making “any judgements on anything that occurs no matter what it is.” One of the great and mysterious paradoxes of life, however, is that all judgement is a symptom of the ego mind and binds us to the illusory world duality. The separate physical identity regards itself as the centre of consciousness when, in truth, the body-mind vehicle is a narrow lens through which the Whole Self seeks to be expressed. All is one and the challenge of human initiation on Earth is to see and bring out the divine in all. This requires a mind that is still and receptive, an openness that is innocent and intuitive. It involves transcending the outward-looking ego and surrendering to the soul within. Acceptance, however, also results from awareness. For, one sees the natural workings of cause and effect at work. One perceives factors that tend to elude blinkered minds. Subtle layers unavailable to the majority reveal themselves to sensitive souls. One becomes grounded in nature’s own wisdom and intelligence and attuned to the infinite river of consciousness that underlies all experience through feeling. One understands that the purpose of life is to awaken from the illusions, turn away from the shadows cast on the wall of the cave and remember once again that is the fire of eternal Reality. One learns that each experience has a higher purpose be it karmic in nature or not. And, however real and yet unreasonable it may all seem to lost souls, it is in fact an illusion born of identifying with the body, which is the vehicle of experience in the third dimension. It is a nightmare that we have created unconsciously but can rectify by rediscovering the power of conscious creation through love and awareness. This means that one eventually comes to own one’s experiences and realises that everything has its place. Wisdom is gentle. Reaction is ignorant. Compassion comes from the soul. Fear and anger feed the Beast and perpetuate the nightmare. We’re talking sweet vibrations here, not existentialist meltdown. And one realises that transmutation results from lightening one’s load and freeing one’s mind from external attachments, making space for greater truths and higher levels of consciousness. The only way to change the world for the better is through positive energy, through joy, play, creativity, sweetness and love. In short, to radiate from the heart as the light of the true Self amidst a sea of dark unconsciousness, as the Cristos, the heart of God.

Passio, whose website is called ‘What Is On Earth Is Happening’ (, is evidently an intelligent, truth-oriented Indigo with limited spiritual experience. He protests, saying that he knows evil really exists and those who just accept it are content to let it run amok and “take this whole world…because you don’t want to act” due to cowardice. He has yet to meet the Masters. He does not understand that reaction perpetuates the status quo, as does resistance. He knows what he is against but focuses on that excessively, thus restricting and preserving his limited position of pro-male philosophy, rather than deepening it by going within the heart. In this way, his notion of the sacred masculine is muddled up with its polluted and restricted lower reflection. The antidote to patriarchal collectivism is either to pull ourselves away from the seductive lure of external form individually or to be shunted away from it collectively until all are inspired to let it go. In other words, to embrace all that is feminine because that is what this world lacks and needs most: true, feminine energy. And, as luck would have it, our world is apparently moving out of a region of space inhabited by dark entities, entering the photon belt and commencing a new cycle towards the Divine Feminine (as of December 2012). As more people wake up and anchor the higher frequencies arriving on Earth, more people will similarly awaken and shine their Light.

mylourrydiary: Can u believe there are plants that are illegal
hlil: Can you believe there is love that is illegal
(Source: tumblr, post by hill with 343,110 notes, February 2014)

In a piece of writing titled ‘Excess Yin’ I discuss the weakened state of the world resulting from unconsciousness and ignorance, being devoid of conscious purpose and inner truth. We have been lured outside of ourselves and reduced to a limited physical identity, a ‘shadow of our former selves,’ as a result of the false belief that all that we seek is ‘out there.’ The impetus behind this assault on humanity is a policy of divide and rule. Separated fro ourselves and each other we become weak and lifeless, easy to subdue, manipulate, exploit and dumb down. Acceptance of the human condition as it stands thus has nothing to do with New Age awareness. Those who have yet to enter the tunnel of personal transformation accept it because they have not yet realised how destructive it is, or they believing that ‘this is all there is.’ Those who are inside the dark tunnel but bemoan the state of the world and project their anger and frustration onto it are doing a good job of perpetuating division and blocking out the Light even though their particular stage of awakening, wherever it may be, challenges the status quo to some degree and shakes it up a bit. Those who have discovered the Light and are making their way towards the end of the tunnel neither challenge nor resist the status quo. Yet, paradoxically, through non-action, they help to change it because they are increasing their own power of being by returning to the eternal Now. They are affecting the consciousness of humanity through their Light rather than their   even though, form the outside, it appears that they simply accept everything and go along with it fearfully. Nothing could be further than the truth. The true Light warriors dedicate themselves to reuniting with their spiritual core, not through words but through practise, not through thought but through feeling. They anchor Light in the world and thus enable it to pour through the cracks to illumine the unconscious and free people from the prison of their own minds.

It is ignorant to ascribe that state of low vibrational impotence to the new consciousness. It suggests a reluctance to turn inward, a denial of the wisdom in the heart, a bias towards the masculine in its more divisive, controlling (and lower) expression.  This Passio geezer is distracting us from the real cause. He is a very effective, if unwitting, weapon for the Elite because he is attacking the very source of salvation – which is not stampeding through the world – or opening to allow it to enter. And, exponentially, that light is spreading, accelerating and creating shifts, some subtle and some dramatic, for every single person on the planet.

This is essentially an impatient bitch slap by someone who is intolerant toward people who are not clear, sharp, action-oriented, aggressive, stuck in the mud and think they know everything. It is probably a swipe at an aspect of his own consciousness which he may have overdone in past lives and for which he is now compensating. In other words, the likelihood is that he is identifying something to which he as a soul has fallen prey, perhaps in lives as a woman. In other words, he was overly passive and yin, which is not the same as saying ‘over-feminine,’ just that it was not balanced by a centre of conscious self-awareness and sovereign power as an expression of the Creator. A psychotherapist might conclude that he is attacking the feminine ego with his own male ego.

It is possible that the Illuminati once had their own version of the New Age movement as a way to try and hijack or derail the real one. What they have been doing mostly, however, is investing heavily in disinformation which is rife on the Internet and adding this into the mix. The reality is that the new consciousness and global spiritual awakening were originally initiated by Spiritualism; that is to say, spiritual beings channelling through mediums and the growth of interest in the psychic arts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Prior to this movement, of course, there had been established in the west an occult/spiritual truth tradition called Theosophy, founded by Madame Blavatsky, in which eastern mysticism and esoteric knowledge were introduced to the western world.

“Nothing I see in this room [or this street, from this window, in this place] means anything…make no allowance for differences in…anything that you see…Only be sure that nothing you see is specifically excluded. One thing is like another as far as the application of the idea is concerned.” – A Course in Miracles, Lesson 1 (The Foundation for Inner Peace, 1976).

Solipsism or Sophism?

“The Sophists were the ideological enemy because of their emphasis on rhetoric, the craft by which a student learns to win an argument no matter the merits of the premises or the truth of the facts.” – Dr. Ronald J. Schindler (‘Zen, The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the Sophists: Recovering the Greek Mind. Lecture on Pirsig, Zen, and the Sophists,’

According to Robert M. Pirsig, the Sophists were travelling teachers of rhetoric in ancient Greece who claimed to be able to teach arête (virtue, or excellence). He gets a bit muddled up, however, it seems. Plato, he says, favoured Socrates‘ dialogue to the empirical knowledge of the Sophists. However, he seems to conclude that Socrates was really the greatest of all Sophists perhaps in that he both knew the truth and could debate with people and teach them on their level. Since Socrates was accused of corrupting young people and subsequently put to death in order to curtail such an influence on society, one can only imagine that, by that time restrictions were placed on what knowledge and wisdom the Gnostic teachers were permitted to impart. Indeed, Socrates’ wisdom was derived from the hetairai (highly educated, sophisticated courtesans) with whom he had spent much time as a young man which suggests that there was a rift between the Goddess Mysteries of old and the political control exercised by the Patriarchy in the institution of Gnosticism.. No doubt there were rebels who remained true to the wisdom gleaned in an earlier age and who also spoke from firsthand experience, Socrates being one of them. He was an independent sage, not an intellectual authority with clipped wings.

Socrates famously asked the Delphic Oracle who the wisest person in the land was so he could go and learn from them and the reply he received was that it was he himself who was the wisest! And surely one reason for this assessment was that he remained open to learning and experience instead of professing that he knew everything or allowing his knowledge to be censored by the authorities.

I wrote an essay on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance at college in my mid-20s and the book drove me half mad. I was very interested in the ancient Greek philosophers at the time and, on the face of it, this seemed like a cool project. What it taught me, however, was how uncool reason can be when left to its own devices and that it needs to be applied objectively as a tool for apprehending truth lest it serve only to obscure the true picture. Now, 23 years later, I realise that those devoted representatives of Sophia and that is exactly why they had to be wiped out and their libraries demolished to pave the way for blind belief in the form of mind-programming religion and the tyranny of the intellect devoid of access to the inner world of consciousness and the subtle workings of the cosmos.

According to John Lash, the Gaian Intelligence was important to the Gnostics which, I expect, is another term for ‘Sophists.’ Gnostokos was “the generic term for any person learned in divine matters.” The living Earth as an intelligent being was known to the Gnostics, the teachers of the ancient world, as Sophia. So she was the central figure in their cosmology. The Gnostics did not believe in a Father God as such. “They believed that the most important divinity – not the only one – was this Sophia, this Earth Goddess.” (Dreamland radio interview with William Henry, 2013). ‘Gnostic,’ he says, just means someone who knows, a kind of virtuoso who has expertise in a specialist area of knowledge. The word is a generic term for the “the elite of pagan intellectuals.” They were, he suggests, “enlightened teachers in the ancient pagan Mystery Schools which existed in the Far East, in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine as well as in Egypt and throughout parts of Europe.” They were educators of people in the ancient world, he says, and they directed these universities of spiritual initiation whereby people learned to face their fears, see through illusions rooted in the unconscious and gradually transform their consciousness towards an awakened state.

“I believe that the Gnostics who were the expert teachers in these pagan Mystery Schools, were highly-trained shamans. They were, what we would call today, adepts at certain paranormal techniques, such as remote viewing, telepathy, telecognition, lucid dreaming and things of that sort. That was part of the work they did in the secret Mystery Schools, the secret work they did. They also did public work in education as I mentioned. And, as a result of a very long tradition going back certainly to at least 6,000BC, these Gnostic visionaries and seers were able to detect the other-dimensional forces that play upon the human race. And, so, my assumption is – and this is what I argue in all of my writing, based on my research – that the Gnostic seers had telepathic skills to detect these entities.” – John Lamb Lash (Dreamland radio interview with William Henry).

In an interview, Passio reads out the inscription on the Temple of Delphi which basically reveals the actual New Age principle (rebirthing the ageless wisdom) which is not solipsism at all but this:

“Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of nature. If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside yourself. If you ignore the wonders of your own house, how do you expect to find other wonders? In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know thyself, and you will know the universe and the gods.”

So…Mark Passio gets all worked up because some woman told him ‘I prefer not to see it that way’ after he accused her of being a coward. He finds this statement utterly infuriating. And interprets it…as he prefers. What she is saying is that she has chosen a higher perspective than that (that her approach to life is cowardly) and prefers to see things with her heart which tells her to love all unconditionally and not react and be pulled out of her heart into her head and become enmeshed in the illusion of the outer world. In other words, it is her interest in spiritual transcendence that he doesn’t get and therefore abhors. And it will remain elusive to him as long as he continues to invest his time and energy into his physical ego and rational intellect rather than viewing them as instruments for serving as a bridge between divine Reality and the holographic matrix of which one function is an initiatory web, the lesson being to see and bring out the divine in all things, in oneself and others.

Passio says that the next day he realised that he should have told the lady, ’No, you prefer not to see, period!’ The inference being that she wishes to deny all truth. But, in actuality, she prefers not to see with her intellect. She prefers to feel rather than think and this is what the ego mind of Mark Passio finds so horrific and disturbing. She favours the heart over the rational mind to which he is himself attached for all he is worth, as though the very continuation of the species depended on it. What he has not grasped is that the intellect is merely an instrument for use in the temporal world whereas the heart contains the living Spirit, the true Self. And, as long as men subvert this truth, they will drag humanity into further genocide and eventually towards annihilation. Thank God, therefore, for women and for the right side of the brain and the Shift of the Ages during which more and more people begin to live from the heart and see the underlying beauty and truth beyond the unsettling shadows cast on the wall of the cave of which Plato spoke.

Indeed, Mr. Pistachio, like a caricature created for the task of demonising humanity’s return to Gnostic balance and wholeness, admires the Satanic Elite for their unity of purpose, their interpretation of natural law, ability to get the job done and dedication to implementing their dastardly schemes. In other words, he admires people for being slaves rather than free beings even though, as he says, they believe in certain rights according to natural law of which they make use whilst concealing them from humanity. But those dark occultists who hide in the shadows do not like to be reminded of the light or go anywhere near it. They are part of a con which does not serve their best interests karmically or spiritually and which denies universal law. They are being used by dark forces and will have to face themselves and their actions sooner or later. And these dispensable henchmen for the Illuminati are now being thrown under the bus, as Jay Parker puts it.

“So ‘I prefer not to see it that way’ means ‘No, I want to ignore reality. I want to believe what I want to be true’ is the way that it already is,” says Passio. Thus, he aligns this woman’s mystifying words with an overemotional take on life. He is correct to identify belief as the main barrier to human development as we ought to have moved on to the higher expression of Pisces, which is intuitive resonance with the whole Self, long ago. We would then be prepared for the entry into the Age of Aquarius by now. The Illuminati have propagated and reinforced countless false beliefs. Perhaps the most significant one is that cleverness is true intelligence and that, when it insists that the world outside is very real and concrete and all there really is, it is right.

“And this is what the New Age hoax is peddling to people.”

“This woman also told me that she is a ‘follower’ of the New Age ideology that is referred to as The Course in Miracles. How many people have even heard of this? A lot of people, right. Know what that is? It’s called solipsism wrapped in a nice neat new package.”

The fact that Passio calls it ‘The’ rather than ‘A’ Course in Miracles suggests that he is not so familiar with the book or its teachings as to actually have read eve one page. One assumes that his Satanist friends gave him the ‘heads up’ on this one! In fact, ACIM is a channelled resource of the highest order, provided by Sananda through a psychologist by the name of Helen Schucman in the 70s.

And, so, the restoration of full consciousness on Earth can be summed up in a nutshell as an “extremely dangerous, illogical and irrational ‘New’ Age ideology known as ‘Solipsism,’” as our friend Dismantle the Matrix explains. Passio himself, as already explained, thus alleges that people who are attracted to the new spiritual teachings in the modern era are following a religion that has been concocted by Satanists to keep humanity in the dark, as-it-were. It is all a solipsist belief, he says proudly brandishing his new toy, this weapon against the irrational ‘followers’ of the New Age cult.

Solipsism, apparently, is the ideology that nothing of any certainty can exist outside of one’s own mind and, since no one can ever know anything, there is no such thing as objective truth. Oh, there is Mark. It is just not constrained by subjective reasoning which is to say it is much, much broader than the rational intellect can perceive on its own. In other words, teachings such as ACIM represent the highest and most objective truth there is, a clear perception of reality which contains the big picture that human beings tend to miss entirely. Anyway, on with the rant:

“Solipsism is a completely egoic and destructive ideology that has absolutely no bearing or resemblance to truth in any way. And the people who are solipsists are mentally ill. [‘She’s hysterical. Lock her away in a mental institution’]. I’m not even going to provide any evidence of that. I’m telling you, you need to research this religion and sickness for yourself. It’s a mental illness. A solipsist is a mentally-ill person who should probably be, somehow, removed – segregated – from society and institutionalised until they are made well because they are a destructive influence on society. [Satanists are quite sane however I suppose, especially ex-Satanists! Oh boy, is he in for a ‘shock’!].
            Of course we all exist here. We are in the physical domain. OK. The whole point is, these people want to believe the entire physical domain is such an illusion that nothing that takes place in it matters or has any significance. And should just be watched and nothing should be done to change it.”

Well, no, what they say is that the way to change the world is to stop reacting to situations and identifying with the physical realm. Instead, we need to ground more and Light in the world by being in a state of love and joy because these are expressions of true, divine Being beyond the illusion. This is the highest form of alchemy. But even those occultists who are rigidly entrenched in the left side of their brain (albeit fuelled by the subconscious and emotional body) don’t get it.


“Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it?” - Kanye West.

“When I was a Satanist [places his hand suspiciously on his heart], OK, and I was working inside the Church of Satan and other dark occult organisations, they have a set of sins, believe it or not. They don’t look at them as sins in the same way that, like, religionists look at sin. There are behaviours and thought patterns that should not be engaged in by the dark occultists themselves, by the magician, if you will. ‘You are not to engage in these behaviours. But we are to peddle them to other people.’ We are to get them to engage in these behaviours…The first one is stupidity. That’s the first Satanic sin. For the dark occultists. But they want other people in deep stupidity. [Which is why the Elite dumbs humanity down via the education system, by programming people to become permanently locked in the left brain, isolated from the whole picture, imprisoned in their own limited perception by attempting to think their way to truth. Or being concerned with external ‘facts’ and banal forms of entertainment that they remain distracted or incapable of apprehending truth, or objective reality – the real one!]. they want other people in deep ignorance. The idea here is, ‘We will know it all, we will know the truth, so that we can control others and keep them a dumbed down herd.’
          There’s a bunch of other ones but I think the second or third is solipsism. Solipsism is one of the biggest sins for Satanists and dark Luciferians and dark occultists. They don’t want any of their membership believing I this mental illness nonsense [or embracing the light of Truth and the truth of Light]. But they want to propagate and peddle it. They want to do that. And they told me personally – higher-ups in this network told me personally when I was working with them, ‘Wait until you see the New Age books that we – our membership – will be writing. Either writing ourselves or putting into the hands of useful dupes to write and put out there. [Oh, the irony: is Passio not himself a useful dupe for them? If this is true then their real motivation is to try and catch people as they start to open up and divert them so that they themselves regard the real New Age movement with suspicion. Anyway, it is too late to derail unity consciousness now. Yes, it is growing all the time because there are waves of Indigos sharing information on the Internet as representatives of the Light]. We’ll be giving them the ideas. They’ll write it for us. Put it out there as their own idea.” [Just as this rhetoric you are spewing out is your own idea, eh, Mark?].

By contrast to this weakness in humanity, regardless of the New Age movement, Mark Passio contrasts solipsism with the superior ethos of the Satanists:

“And they said, ‘We are going to propagate and peddle solipsism like you have never seen. And, you know what? When they say something, they do it. I’m serious. [Well, they do have all the money!]. Their act is together. They act on the same page. And, for that, I have respect for them as an enemy. And I don’t take anything they do lightly. They have the will. They’re not like the rest of humanity. They align their thoughts, their knowledge, with their version of ‘care’ – you now, it’s not like our emotionally-based care, but they care about what they’re doing, and then they act. And when they act, they act in concert and thy get it done. OK, I’m not saying I agree with any of their agenda because I don’t. I’m trying to stop it. But I have respect for their unity. [But they are all slaves, trained psychopathic paedophiles who obey the will of their Satanic master, the Luciferian [lower] will of the archontic and dark extraterrestrial collectives. And that has to be the dumbest trap one could ever fall into]. They are unified and on the same page and humanity is not. [True. They have solidarity of purpose and apply the principle of divine and rule when it comes to the rest of humanity. Yet, the power that will unite us is the Christ, the love that resides deep within the heart]. That’s why, in all honesty, we’re having our rear ends handed to us in this spiritual battle, at least right now.” [Well, no, it’s because a lot of people in the truth movement have some catching up to do because they are still stuck in their rational intellects, not developing themselves spiritually and they are still deceived by appearances, which is exactly what the Elite wants].

Mark Passio continues whitewashing lecture on solipsism in which all systems of esoteric truth and spiritual awakening are reduced to being labelled as meaningless ideologies:

“No one can ever know anything. You cannot come to know anything at all. There is no such thing as knowledge. So, what I would say to someone who is following The Course in Miracles or ‘A Course in Solipsism,’ or a course in acceptance of all forms of evil in this world, is you can’t know anything by reading The Course in Miracles because nothing can be known. [Exactly – this is why the course bears no relation to solipsism! He accuses ‘New Agers’ of avoiding books and yet A Course in Miracles is a colossal and very profound book. He is accusing these followers, or students, as they really are, as being solipsists. That is his assumption. That is what he ‘prefers to see’]. Why would a solipsist ever pick up a book? Why would a solipsist ever watch anything? Any video. Why would a solipsist ever engage in conversation with another human being?...
            It’s unbelievable that anybody would be so gullible and naïve to fall into this mindset. Let me just tell you what it really is. It’s a person who has given up on life. [No – detached themselves from the physical realm and transcended the 3D state of bondage to the nightmare]. They feel that it’s difficult to know anything. They don’t want to do the work to come to that level of knowledge. That they’ve just said, ‘I don’t believe that it can be known.’ That makes me feel more comfortable in my ignorance and laziness. [On the contrary, ACIM looks like a lot of deprogramming work to me]. That’s the truth about what solipsism is…So, we have to realise we’re battling this force. And this religion is on the rise. Solipsism is on the rise. More people are becoming solipsists or solipsistic in their beliefs, in their thought processes.” [More people are waking up from the confines of the ego mind and the prison planet that its fearful projections and narrow-minded attitudes support].

The presenter of this speech is, however, guilty of the very same accusation he throws at people who are interested in ‘New Age’ thought in that, instead of looking deeper into the situation, he prefers to see what he wants to see – that he can safely write off this aspect of human growth which, fuelled by the feminine, is restoring complete awareness in the individual. That there is no need for him to read a single page of A Course in Miracles because it’s all bullshit – the Satanists told him so! New Ageism, solipsistic drivel, that’s what it all is. And its very existence is dangerous. Yet, the new consciousness threatens the limited awareness of the ego and intellect so let’s do what we’ve always done since the advent of Patriarchy on Earth: destroy the unknown and the unappealing so that we do not have to go there or be reminded of the possibility of a greater truth than the one that suits us and our situation here in the third dimension on Earth.

“Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognise that growth is happening. We may feel hostile or angry or weepy and hysterical, or we may feel depressed. It would never occur to us, unless we stumbled on a book or a person who explained to us, that we were in fact in the process of change, of actually becoming larger, spiritually, than we were before. Whenever we grow, we tend to feel it, as a young seed must feel the weight and inertia of the earth as it seeks to break out of its shell on its way to becoming a plant. Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. But what is most unpleasant is the not knowing what is happening. Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability, a new level of the personality is about to be revealed.” - Alice Walker, Living by the Word.

The Age of Enlightenment

“I totally agree with that concept that there is a big collective choice looming on the horizon for our species. And there is a palpable and very tangible feeling that this is coming soon and there’s this, I guess you could say, ‘quickening’ [the occult term for raising human consciousness]. There’s a quickening, an acceleration, that we’re headed towards that moment…And this quickening, this moment that we’re headed to, that I call the moment of choice for our species. Everyone’s going to have to individually make that choice as to what side they stand on. Do they stand with the powers of darkness, do they stand with the controllers, or do they step out and stand in the Light? And, if that’s your choice, I urge everybody who’s making the choice to step but, stand in the Light, align themselves with the powers of the Light, to begin speaking this, if you have not already.” – Mark Passio (‘What On Earth Is Happening’ radio podcast, November 2012).

Passio, in fact, goes on to align himself with the Divine Feminine which is not such a drastic contradiction as it would appear upon listening to his ‘New Age bullshit’ diatribe:

“I’m not really doing this for the people of this planet. I serve the force of truth, the Light Itself. That’s why I’m here. That’s what I’m defending. I’m defending the ‘Goddess,’ the Sacred Feminine: care, truth, etc. That’s it. That’s the force I serve. I’m not here to serve people. I’m here to help people but that’s not who I serve. I can be of service to them but I’m serving the truth.”

Mark Passio calls the ‘New Agers’ ‘hopelessly naïve and says that they want to believe, “Oh, the aliens from the Pleiades are coming here in their giant battle cruisers to rescue us from our own ignorance any day now. Or, ‘No real knowledge is going to be done. We’re going to have to meditate the world into a new way of being.’ You’re not going to have to actually study and read books and take up knowledge into yourself, God forbid. That might involve effort and work. And we can’t have that. So, we’re just going to sit in the lotus position and meditate.” I found the following response on YouTube by TreeHuggerLtd in the comments section beneath this other lecture: “And no, this guy certainly is NOT ENLIGHTENED. Enlightenment does in fact require meditation. It’s not learned through books. It’s learned from within. It’s called ‘Gnosis.’ This guy lacks wisdom because he seeks logical answers to illogical systems.”

New Zealander Vincent Eastwood interviewed Mark Passio and asked if it is about oneness and perhaps oneness, the true principle of the Divine Feminine, is, indeed, what Mark Passio cannot perceive. He seems only willing to see the faintest reflection of this and is bent on ascribing it this Satanic curse called ‘solipsism’ to ‘New Agers.’ It is as though he has been programmed by his former colleagues to make it his spiritual mission to attack Lightworkers through this projection. Really, I expect he simply detects that this unwillingness to face truth objectively but rather insist that everything is relative is a susceptibility in some people who are more open to inner truth as opposed to being locked up so tight. The opposite extreme in other words.

This has nothing to do with the New Age movement. We are pro-Light and we are messengers of Universal Truth and Ageless Wisdom. And that is what each of us endeavours to remember, restore and embody on this planet Earth.

I mean…we respect Mark Passio’s knowledge in other areas, so why wouldn’t we also value what he has to say on the spiritual front as well? Answer: because he’s a former priest in the Church of Satan and his own worldview is obviously still rooted in a deeply Patriarchal mindset (spiritually at least) for God’s sake! It is the one area in which he remains ignorant because spirituality must be experienced within. It is not something that the intellect can fathom. The ego mind must be pushed to one side for a person to open up spiritually.

Passio does, however, state in this interview that the reason we are now perceiving the dark structures all around us is that the Light has been switched on. He does not explain what this ‘light’ is but, rather, focuses his attention more on these Satanic constructs themselves since that is his area of interest and expertise. It’s just that ‘Oneness’ and ‘Light’ are the domain of the heart, not the mind which knows only division even though it is capable of objective awareness once the ego’s judgements have been discarded and one knows the Light through personal experience (in meditation, for instance).


Mark Passio blames the New Age movement for denying the negative and therefore not facing up to the truth. But, in fact, it encompasses the surfacing and release of the dark and negative aspects of consciousness without identifying with them or focusing on them as part of our awakening from the illusion. And it is not an ideology, as he has been misinformed. It is simply the individual’s degree of openness and resonance with objective, universal, truth. He is jumping to conclusions fed to him by Satanists! If he were more spiritually-inclined he would recognise the truth that this poisoned notion of the New Age consciousness is erroneous and that the openness of the feminine is a more conducive starting point to attaining wisdom than the narrow, closed position of the rational intellect. Light needs to enter first and then be assessed or scrutinised. Shutting out the light from the outset means that the starting point is darkness.

Passio is on our side; that is, the side of the Light. He is not against it, or even against Lightworkers. He is just not oriented in the true, inner Light which is beyond the world and its workings. He lacks their experience of Light as Being and pure consciousness, even though he acknowledges this as a reality. So, for all I know, he is unaware that his assault on the New Age movement is also a dismissal of all of us Lightworkers who are bringing more Light into the world to create the New Age. He’s just misguided in this one area because he is not spiritually-focussed (yet) and has, therefore, not explored the truth within.

No doubt it is Passio’s soul mission to concentrate on exposing the satanic matrix in which we find ourselves trapped. He has entered the despicable world of Satanism and pulled himself away from its seductive allure to eventually not only expose it but also show “those everyday individuals who have been convinced that this is the way they should be living,” as he says. “It’s our goal to raise them up in consciousness and show them the error of their ways and show them that there is a way out, that they don’t need to keep going down that path of suffering, that they can turn around and make a 180-degree turnabout, as did I, and turn towards the light and move towards the truth and move towards the essence of goodness and the essence of higher consciousness in this world.”

Sure, the Elite invest heavily in their disinformation campaign but there are ample Lightworkers out there making sure that the truth spreads far and wide. And truth speaks for itself, vibrationally. And, not only are we entering a New Age, but each individual on the planet is involved in creating it. All are responding to the Light that is on this planet now. It sounds as though Passio considers himself at the fore of this collective endeavour and remains firmly rooted to the spot in order to hold that position of truth. Meanwhile, Lightworkers are consciously and actively involved in creating the New Age in collaboration with our friends from higher realms and star systems, again all at different levels. Mr Passio does not appear to be aware of this other body of knowledge, much of which is also experiential. Instead, he conveniently written it all off as ‘New Age bullshit,’ as claimed by the Satanists for whom such denial is an absolute necessity lest the veer away from their chosen path. Of course they also want to believe that they are vanquishing their enemy and proudly assure others that they are behind all dissemination of ‘spiritual information’ besides religious claptrap. The reality, however, is that this is the true Light whereas the limited, external human ‘care’ and ‘knowledge’ can be described as ‘light,’ with a lower case ‘l.’ It’s like the difference between the Sun and Moon.

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