Thursday, 31 March 2016

Redefining the male energy

From 'Being a teacher in the new era'
(last section of the message)
Channelled by Pamela Kribbe, June 2009 

AIt is time now for lightworkers to balance the male and female energies within. In a sense, you have become afraid of your own power. There have been times, very ancient times, in which you yourself used your power in a way that you later on regretted. These were the ages before Christ, before I came to earth; they go back to Atlantis and before. You still have memories of those ages, and you never want to misuse your power again. But your reaction has been too extreme in a sense. Now you so much want to dismiss your power that you often feel unable to stand up for yourself, to be clear about who you are and what you do or do not want. This is regrettable because you then can become exhausted and depressed by what is happening around you, because you refuse to take up your power, not in the sense of ruling over others, but in the sense of connecting to your natural passion, your natural instincts, your knowingness. It has become difficult to find a positive definition of the male energy, but I encourage you to find one, and to embrace it, for it is by the re‑birthing of the male energy that you will find your own true power again.

The female energy connects you to your soul. It is through the feelings that the feminine is receptive to, that the soul speaks to you. But to bring the inner knowingness of the feminine out into the world, to manifest your soul=s passion in the world, you need to know how to protect your feminine energy, how to take your distance when it is needed, how to remain centred and calm amidst energies that do not resonate with you. To be the teacher and the pioneer that you truly want to be, you need to embrace both the male and female aspects of yourself.

Take courage in all of this. Things are changing and you are not alone. Many people around the world go through the same process that you are going through. There are many fellow light‑workers alive now, and if you connect with them from the heart, you can feel they are your brothers and sisters. Distance, time and space do not matter, nor do nationality and race. Feel the field of Christ consciousness that is now coming closer to earth. Although it may not be visible in what you read in the newspaper or what you hear on television, this field is there. A new consciousness is awakening.

I am calling you. I am part of this huge field of consciousness as much as you are. We are one in this field. We are equal, and I am calling you home. You can feel home on planet earth right now if you remember who you are, if you can truly feel your divinity and the angelic light that flows through you.

I love you.

Accept my energy.

I thank you for receiving it.


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