Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mind Control via Government and Religion

"A mind that is positive cannot be controlled. For the purpose of occult dominion, minds must therefore be rendered passive and negative in order that control may be achieved. Minds consciously working to a definite end are a power for good or for evil." - Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller) in Occult Theocrasy, 1933, p.581.

“This is the most important message we have to get to humanity is that the subconscious runs 95% or more of your adult life and you did not programme that into yourself. No one, in the first six years of their life, differentiates anything…you’re in a hypnogogic trance. So, if you’re raised a Catholic, you’re going to be mind-controlled to be a Catholic. If you’re raised a Satanist – of course with the torture and drugging and mind control – you’ll be a Satanist. But, you can take back your mind and your heart by using EFT. And I have used it to deconstruct the mind control programming that I was under.” – Jay Parker (‘How 34 Million Satanic/Illuminati Americans Keep Earth in Turmoil.’ Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, 4 May 2013,

Doin' It Again / Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics by Skepta (1990)
  • I know that. Some people don't want you to mention certain things. Some people don't want you to say this, some people don't want you to say that. Some people think if you mention some things they might happen. Some people are really fucking stupid. Did you ever notice that, how many stupid people you run into during the day? Goddamn there's a lot of stupid bastards walking around. Carry a pad and pencil with you, you'll wind up with thirty or forty names by the end of the day. Think about this; think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.
  • Let me get a sip of water figure this stuff is safe to drink? [audience yells "No"] Actually, I don't care, I drink it anyway. You know why? 'Cause I'm an American and I expect a little cancer in my food and water. I'm a loyal American and I'm not happy unless I let government and industry poison me a little bit every day.
  • Government want to tell you things you can't say because they're against the law, or you can't say this because it's against a regulation, or here's something you can't say because its a...secret; "You can't tell him that because he's not cleared to know that." Government wants to control information and control language because that's the way you control thought, and basically that's the game they're in.
  • Same with religion. Religion is nothing but mind control. Religion is just trying to control your mind, control your thoughts, so they're gonna tell you some things you shouldn't say because they're...sins. And besides telling you things you shouldn't say, religion is gonna suggest some things that you ought to be saying; "Here's something you ought to say first thing when you wake up in the morning; here's something you ought to say just before you go to sleep at night; here's something we always say on the third Wednesday in April after the first full moon in spring at 4 o'clock when the bells ring." Religion is always suggesting things you ought to be saying.
  • Smug, greedy, well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal their sins. It's as simple as that. The CIA doesn't kill anybody anymore, they neutralize people, or they depopulate the area. The government doesn't lie, it engages in disinformation. The Pentagon actually measures nuclear radiation in something they call sunshine units. Contra killers are called freedom fighters. Well, if crime fighters fight crime, and firefighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight?

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